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A story that not everyone believes: what really connects the leader of Queen Mercury and Princess Diana?

But have you ever wondered what connects the two?

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PHOTO GALLERY. A story that not everyone believes: what really connects the leader of Queen Mercury and Princess Diana?

As read in mirror.co.uk, in fact, Freddie and Diana were pretty close friends. It is said that the two not only met to drink champagne and watch the “Golden Girls” series, but also visited gay bars together.

Actress Cleo Rocos said in 2013 that she once had a wonderful afternoon with Freddie, Princess Diana and comedian Kenny Everett. As the actress wrote in her book, everyone drank champagne, and the TV, although showing the series, remained silent – all four had a much more intriguing conversation than the TV series.

Soon, Princess Diana offered everyone to go to the gay bar until dawn. The comedian did not get the idea well – he even warned the princess that the paparazzi would probably meet them and no one would want the photos of Princess Diana to appear in the press later.

However, F. intervened. Mercury. “Let the girl have some fun,” he said.

It is said that shortly afterwards, Princess Diana actually went out to have fun with Freddie. True, she wore huge sunglasses, a military jacket, and a hat.

“When we entered the bar, we felt that it was obvious that Princess Diana was with us. “We thought she could be recognized at any moment,” Rocos wrote.

However, the woman was lucky: “People did not seem to notice. “She seemed to be gone, and she liked him endlessly.”

True, foreign media mention that not everyone believes in this story, even though it has been told more than once. Some believe that Princess Diana, knowing how the yellow seal haunts her, would never risk such a visit to the bar.

The news portal tv3.lt reminds that for many years the famous performer hid the fact that he is gay even from his family.

With various hints that he is gay, he threw himself more than once, but never told the truth to his family.

As shown in the 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody, which tells the story of Freddie’s life, the artist’s mother, Buller Bulsara, has always supported and defended her son. Here, too, Freddie disagreed with his father, Bomi Bulsara, because he did not want to pursue his profession.

And although the singer was extremely close to his mother and sister Kashmira Cook, he did not even dare to tell them the truth about the other side of his life.

True, the fact that he had powerful guys and spent the last years of his life in London with his beloved Jim Hutton was a public secret.

It turns out that this was especially painful for his mother Jerrer – this was confirmed in a 2006 interview. Asked if Mercury had spoken of his desire for men, his mother whispered a resounding “no”.

“He did not want to upset us. At that time,… people were different than they are now. Now everything is open, right? Said the woman.

Jerrer believed that Freddie would confess not only to the family but also to the public because he never thought her son would die before better times.

True, this is not the only secret. A famous member of the family, in order to protect everyone, hid the diagnosis of AIDS. It was later revealed that family members realized this, but never knew how seriously ill he was.

“We finally realized he was ill, but we did not know how serious he was. Finally, in the 1990s, Kashmir saw a footprint. It was a sign of AIDS. We asked what it is and when will it improve? Freddie replied: “You need to understand that what I have is eternal. “I’m dying,” recalls a member of the artist ‘s family.

The last conversation between Freddie and his mother Jerrer took place on his deathbed, at the artist’s London home, which he bought for his ex-wife Mary Austin.

“It simply came to our notice then. He asked: “Are you okay? Did the media annoy you? “We said he would not take care of us. “He was so sick and still so caring,” his mother recalled.

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