Friday , October 22 2021

YouTube paid content creators $ 3 billion due to intellectual property rights


Google has taken a number of measures to combat piracy over the years, and in its latest report, the company revealed the success of some of these products, as well as an article titled "How to Fight Google Piracy" in 2018, published by the company's official blog on the Internet, YouTube's YouTube giant has already paid $ 3 billion to copyright owners Content ID, A video system that scans files for download when it detects that one of the transferred files uses someone else's intellectual property.

YouTube has fixed some system issues by allowing channel owners to continue earning money from their videos, even if they're involved in a copyright dispute with the plaintiff.

In addition to the payment of $ 3 billion to rightsholders, Google claims YouTube paid $ 1.8 billion to the music industry in 2017-2018. The technology giant said it invested $ 100 million in development and support Content ID.

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