Sunday , April 18 2021

Weekly performance mixed .. and actions require more quarterly results

Local stock markets were closed last week, while investors were waiting for more corporate announcements for their quarterly financial results. Banking stocks continued to decline, with positive prospects for expected mergers and record earnings ahead of expectations.

Abu Dhabi's stock rose 1.89% to 5,391.87 points, while banking, telecommunications, insurance and services rose. Dubai's market fell 0.94% to 2,787.44 points, with shares of real estate, transport and investment falling.

Weekly market liquidity reached 2 billion AED, distributed AED 1.3 billion in the Dubai market and 786.2 million AED on the market in Abu Dhabi. 1.16 billion shares were traded, of which 909.8 million were in Dubai, and 257 million were in Abu Dhabi 20.7 thousand contracts.

Arab and foreign investors and investors in the Gulf sought to buy on both markets with a net investment of 237.87 million denars, out of which 157.78 million were for foreigners, 73.7 million for GCC citizens and 6.4 million ARA for Arab nationals, and national investors tend to liquidate with a net investment of 237.87 million AED.

Abu Dhabi Market

The growth in the capital market increased the banking sector by 2.98%, after Abu Dhabi got 3.09%, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 5.2% and the National Union 5%. The telecommunications sector received 0.72%, just like Etisalat.

On the other hand, the real estate sector declined by 0.12%, due to the reduction of RAK Properties 1.45%, with the stability of "Aldar" unchanged. The energy sector fell by 5%, while "Dana gas" decreased by 8.3%, "Thus" 4.49% and "Adox Distribution" by 1.53%. The investment sector fell 5.19%, while Ashrak fell 7.28%, while Al Vaha Capital fell 5.13%.

Abu Dhabi is at the top of the list with 232.5 million AED, 3.09 percent to close to AED 16.66, then Abu Dhabi commercial bank with 114.46 million AED at AED 10.12 and Aldar Properties at 72 , 4 million AED. AED 1.87.

"National Tourism Corporation" received the most by 14.29% to close to AED 1.6, followed by "Bay Investment" from 14.09% to AED 1.7, followed by "Abu Dhabi National Hotels" of 12 , 96% to close to 3.4 dirhams, while Shares of AXA Insurance fell by 9.82% to AED 0.45, followed by Dana 8.33% in AED of 0.99, then "Ishraq Investments" from 7.28% to AED 0.48.

Foreign investors were the only buyers in the capital market with a net investment of 183.3 million AED. Arab and GCC investors and citizens tend to sell, with a net investment of 183.3 million AED, distributed for AED 5.7 million in the Arabs, AED 3.7 million for GCC nationals and AED 173.7 million for nationals.

Dubai market

In the Dubai market, the real estate sector fell by 1.57%, while Emaar Properties fell by 2.83%, the Union of Property 6.28%, Arabek 3.13%, Damak 1.54% and Deaar 1% Emaar Properties and Emaar Properties increased by 5% and 1.7%, respectively.

The investment sector dropped by 7%, followed by Dubai Investments (8.13%), Dubai (DFM) (3.27%) and Shua Capital (5.7%). On the other hand, the banking sector increased by 0.33%, while Dubai's Islamic growth rose to 1.95%, while Emirates NBD fell by 0.83%. Transport sector fell by 1.57%, "Arameks" fell 3.5%, "Gulf launches" fell by 4.3%, while "Air Arabia" remained flat.

Dubai Islamic Bank was the most traded stock with 270.87 million AED, closing at AED 5.23. Emaar Properties was the most common stock with 200 million AED to close on AED 4.8 and Dubai Investments at AED 1.47.

The biggest winners in one week on the Dubai market, Salam Holding from 9.46 percent closed at 0.51 AED and then Emaar Development from 5.05 to 3.95 Dirhams, followed by Ajman Bank from 2.27% to 0.9 AED, Investments in Dubai fell by 8.13% to AED 1.47, followed by AMAN, which cast 6.37% to AED 0.49. Alliance Properties was the second largest loser from 6.28% to AED 0.4.


The investment portfolio last week injected 134.97 million denars in both markets, including 122.24 million AEDs in Abu Dhabi and 12.7 million AEDs in Dubai. Retail investors reached 134.97 million AEDs, distributed 122.24 million AEDs in Abu Dhabi and AED 12.7 million in Dubai.


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