Friday , October 22 2021

We will be in the process of Parliament's ratification of the application of art. 18 acts from the series


Administrative body of the Association of retired second-level professors, after an extraordinary meeting, in which the results of contacts with some parliamentary blocs, party MPs and educational offices and their value were reviewed, which "has not yet brought any positive result because of the insistence of the Minister of Finance in the government interim Ali Hassan Khalil to his position and comply with the statement issued, which repeals the law from August 21, 2017. And refutes it without a legal basis.

"I have seen the report and recommendations of the General Assembly of the Beirut branch of the Association, which is the first of its kind, it took place on November 1, 2018. And it will act with recommendations issued by other branches in other provinces as soon as they come."

The committee decided to "call for a meeting in the case of a parliamentary assembly of legislation, at eleven pm Tuesday, 13 November 2018, at Riad El-Solh", calling on all retired professors to "participate intensively in the meeting to raise the speaker. the right to fully apply Article 18 of the Act on a series of ranks and remuneration, and to consider the Minister of Finance statement as if it was not, "focusing" on him will follow the qualification procedures appropriate to restore our prisoner's right. "

The Council kept open meetings to follow developments.

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