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Two international entries for al-Haqqab and Sharma al-Ryan

This month, at the level of camomile horse in Italy and Morocco


Wednesday 09-10-2019 at 3:00 pm

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Maher Gareb

Al-Haqqab (a member of the Qatar Foundation) and Al-Ryan Sharm will be participating in the upcoming Arabian Horse Championship in the coming period. The start will be with the Egyptian International Arabian Horse Champion in Milan on October 12th and 13th with the participation of a large number of horses owned by Al-Haqqab and the Al-Ryan farm. Al-Haqqab arrived in Morocco to take part in the International Championship to be held there on the sidelines of the 12th Al-Haras Exhibition, held each year under the patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco.
Al-Haqqab Camel and Horse Production Department, headed by HE Sheikh Hamad bin Ali al-Thani, as well as the Al Ryan farm, are trying to achieve the best results despite the different races of the two tournaments, as the Milan International Championship in Italy is dedicated to Egyptian horses only. In this kind of horse of beauty.
Al-Haqqab and the Al-Ryan farm named the horses at the two tournaments where they will compete in Milan.
At the Arabian International Championship on horses of al-adadida, participation is limited to al-Haqqab in al-Haqqab, Arslan al-Haqqab, Redad al-Haqqab, and Toumaam al-Haqqab.
Al-Haqqab was a big winner in last year's Morocco edition, winning 4 of the 6 gold medals distributed at the end of the tournament to win the lion's share and confirming his superiority in Arabian horses.
Al-Haqqab's medal was awarded to gold medalist at the age of one year. Al-Haqab won third place after Aida al-Haqab won first place, while Al-Haqab's fourth gold was in two-year matches, and three by Hajer Al-Haqab.

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