Tuesday , January 19 2021

Trump: 9 or 10 Arab countries will soon print with “Israel”

When will the Arab countries that Trump talked about sign the peace agreement?

He did not reveal a specific time frame.

What is the most prominent Arab country that Trump is always called to be in the press?

Saudi Arabia.

US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that nine or ten more Arab countries were ready to normalize with “Israel”, without revealing a specific timetable.

Trump told reporters, referring to the Arab world: “We have a lot, I think we will all get it.

He added: “Beauty is peace in the Middle East, without money and blood. There is no blood on the sand and this is happening.”

Last Friday, the US president said other Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, wanted to establish diplomatic relations with “Israel” after Sudan became the last country in the region to normalize its ties with the Jewish state.

Trump added that he was “confident that Saudi Arabia would soon join the peace deal,” noting that Iran could join a similar deal “at the end of the day.”

Many Arab oil states have been discreetly communicating with the Israeli authorities for years, but the normalization of relations offers many opportunities, especially economic, for those countries that are trying to get rid of the consequences of the crisis with the Corona virus.

Last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Saudi Arabia to “normalize its relations” with “Israel” along the lines of the UAE and Bahrain.

And Saudi Arabia previously agreed on September 3 to allow flights between the Emirates and “Israel” to cross the kingdom’s airspace; Flight hours were reduced to less than three and a half hours compared to 7 hours earlier.

The UAE and Bahrain signed two normalization agreements with Israel in the US capital, Washington, in mid-September, in the presence and under Trump’s auspices, and the latter returned on October 23 to announce that Sudan, the third Arab country, had joined the normalization train with Israel.

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