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Toyota Corolla has changed the sedan in a new generation

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Toyota Corolla overtook Japan as the best-selling company in the history of the automotive industry, According to official statistics published by the Japanese company.

Since the birth of the first generation in 1966 and 2013, Corolla has achieved over 40 million cars, surpassing cars such as Volkswagen and Ford T-Class.

The success of the most profitable vehicle in the world has not stopped, with sales of around 6 million units in 2014-2017, indicating that Corolla is present in 5 Toyota cars sold around the world.

Toyota officially presented the 12th Generation Corolla sedan in its pavilion at the Guangzhou International Auto Show, which is currently in southern China and continues until November 22.

Before unveiling, the Japanese manufacturer promised that the newer generation of Toyota Corolla will be completely different from previous generations, confirmed by experts from the first moments of unveiling.

The Toyota Corolla Model 2020 has an exterior design inspired by the Toyota Camry with sports features reinforced by deep side door and bonnet lines and built on the basis of the TNGA axle spacing, thus different from the previous generation, increasing the new generation by 10 mm and width by 5 mm and lower than the ground by 45 mm, up to 4.64 meters long and 1.78 meters wide and 1.435 meters high.

Equipped with a motor engine, which has a large part of the bottom front and is inspired by the new Corolla version, it gained irresistible attractiveness.

The new Toyota has two types of drive systems, the first with a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder 132 hp engine, available on Corolla L 2020, Corolla LE 2020 and ELE 2020.

The next version of the four-cylinder engine is available in Corolla XSE 2020 and Corolla SE 2020 with 169 hp and an average consumption of 5.8 liters per 100 km.

The second option is a 1.8-liter, 122-horsepower motor with a self-propelled electric motor.

At the cab level, the Corolla has leather upholstered leather seats, a new multifunctional steering wheel and an updated console with a powerful 7-inch Entune 3.0 entertainment system and supports Android, Amazon, Alexa and Apple Car Play systems as well as digital counters with the Toyota logo.

While the company has not announced the official price of the car, which is expected to enter the market before the second quarter of 2019, but reports indicate that prices will start from 20 thousand dollars, or approximately (355,000 thousand pounds).

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