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The slogan of excellence and certainty in crossing Gomez suits Egypt and Tunisia

Excellence and self-confidence Password while crossing Gomez in a match against Egypt and Tunisia Forsana network quotes the seventh day We publish excellence and trust The slogan in the passage Gomez Egypt and Tunisia match, Perfection and trust The slogan in the passage of Gomez Egypt and Tunisia to spread our visitors New news Today through our network Knights and start With the most important news, excellence and the slogan of trust in the Gomez crossing fit Egypt and Tunisia.

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Match – Egypt X Tunisia – in the fifth round of the African qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations 2019

Stadium – Borg El Arab stadium

Nijia – National team 3/2

The Lord of South Africa – Victor Gomez – 36-year-old holder of International Badge 2011

First assistant – Zakhli Suila

Second assistant – Johann Moshidi

Fourth official: Victor Hillingwane

Judge Victor Gomez was confident and intelligent during his leadership to face Egypt and Tunisia, which took place on Friday evening in the African Nations Cup competition in 2019 and ended with the victory of the Pharaohs three goals against two goals.


A personal and calm control secret refereeing the game

The referee made sure that he was in the right place and continued the fast counterattacks at the right angle and was very important in dealing with players and used the assistants more than once during the events at the meeting, especially when the players contacted each other and did not respond with tension and nervous players and kept calm. The secret of his control over the meeting before appealing to the cards, which convinced his artistic and administrative decisions and was not touched by the masses in the stands, and the referee was interested in the players' safety in accordance with the law to immediately intervene and stop playing when the injured players and the best estimated assessment time Del lost at the end of the break.

Pictures from Egypt and Tunisia

36 fouls and 5 overdue Arbitration Cards

The referee went into the whistle and counted 36 errors in both teams in good judgment and did not pay attention to illusion errors and allowed fair football competition according to the law, which was a good estimation in the docking project between the players.

The referee scored a yellow card 5 times for the promising attack, recklessness and start of the pharaohs Tariq Hamed, Ayman Ashraf, Mohamed Elnani and Mohamed Salah in minutes 39.80 85.98 and Anadrouhid for the Eagles in Carthage Rami El Badawi was in the 58th minute of the match.

Pictures of the band from Egypt and Tunisia


Zakhili Suela and Johann Moshedi showed good concentration and allowed continuous play in more than one impressive attack, recorded 5 instances of infiltration at the right time and worked with the judge in nearby errors legally, especially when players were fumbling during the match. When the game could be continued at the right time.

The fourth sentence

He managed to control the technical area, especially in the second half of the game and dealt well with the players and cooperated with the referee in managing the game in accordance with the law, especially when he used to contact the players in the 49th minute of the match.

Match statistics: 36 Error – 6 corners – 5 infiltrations – 5 goals – 5 yellow cards.

Degrees: Governance – 8.5 First Assistant – 8.5 – Second Assistant – 8.5 – Fourth Judgment – 8.5 –

Goals of the game

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