Friday , November 15 2019
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Tamer Hosni mocks photography with Zaina!

Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni has been mocked by followers on social networking sites after announcing the second teaser of his new film "Al-Fluss". Like Plover, he wore it 11 years ago in one of the scenes, which he collected with accessories in Captain Schema.

Hosni's followers joked that he had published a comic strip announcing that "11 years and Tamer Lamse Mugerisch Black Paulover".

The film came out of the Eid al-Adha season because the film's director, Saeed al-Marouk, did not complete the editing process, and all the final details of the film starring Tamer Hosni, Zaina, Khaled el-Sawi and a number of actors appear as guest of honor, including Ahmed El Saka and Mai Izz al-Din, Ali Rabi and Vizo.

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