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Summary of the match of the Champions League Liverpool and Maitland “Victory for the reds, but …”

Mercato Day gives you a summary of the match “Liverpool and Milan”, within today’s matches of the Champions League, for the second round of the group stage, in group four.

The Liverpool-Miland match took place at Anfield Road in Liverpool, England, under the guidance of Polish international referee Pavel Rakzowski.

The match was broadcast on BN Sport 2, with the voice of the Qatari sports commentator “Yousef Saif”, as well as on the Danish TV 3 channel and the Dutch channel Zego Sport Golf.

The English team Liverpool recorded a hard victory over the Danish Miteland with two clear goals, to lead the fourth group which includes the Dutch “Ajax” and the Italian “Atalanta”.

Despite the victory of Liverpool, but the fans of the English club are worried, after the match “Everton”, in which he performed admirably, the “reds” did not provide the necessary level of matches between Ajax in the Champions League and Sheffield in the English Premier League. and to this day Jurgen Klopp’s sons did not seem as dangerous as we used to see the team.

Liverpool entered the match with a semi-basic lineup, as Jurgen Klopp rested “Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Giorgio Vinaldum”.

The match went against expectations as Miteland appeared coherent, as Liverpool were deprived of any real opportunity during the first half, forcing Klopp to consider pushing the three Salahs, Manny and Firmino as they warmed up a few minutes before. the end of the half.

In the second half, before Klopp realized his idea, the Portuguese striker, Diogo Iota, took the lead of the Liverpool team in the 55th minute, to calm down his German coach.

But that was not enough for Klopp to overturn his decision, as he pushed the duo Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane in the 60th minute, before being joined by Roberto Firmino in the 81st minute.

In the 90th minute, Egyptian star Mohamed Salah scored the second goal for Liverpool from the penalty spot, after he himself scored it after a handicap by the Mittelland defender in the 18th district, to end the match with the victory of the “reds”. with 2-0.

With this victory, Liverpool led the group with 6 points, and Atalanta was second with 4 points, while Ajax was in third place with one point in the balance, and Miteland left the group without balance.

The following is a summary of the events of the match Liverpool and Maitland

Leferball 2-0 Mittelland

Anfield Road Stadium (Liverpool – England)

У UEFA Champions League (group stage – 2nd round, group D)


Summary of the match between Liverpool and Miland in the Champions League "Victory for the
Summary of the match between Liverpool and Miland in the Champions League: “Victory for the” reds “, but …”
  • Welcome to the summary of the events from the Danish match Mittelland and Liverpool in the European Champions League.
  • . I accompany you on this announcement “Mohab Zayed” from the Center for live broadcast on Mercato Day.
  • Сред The ​​meeting is chaired by Polish Judge Pavel Rakzowski
  • To see the standings in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League for the 2021/2020 season, click here
  • The official composition of Liverpool by coach Jurgen Klopp: Alison Baker – Gomez – Robertson – Fabinho – Arnold – Ames Milner – Henderson – Iota – Minamino – Shaqiri – Origi.
  • Liverpool bench
  • Official Mittelland squad from coach Briski: Andersen – Svyachenko – Schulze – Eloel Anderson – Paulinho – Kayusti – Onica – Sesto – Dreyer – Mebel – Kappa.
  • 0 start of the match ..

  • “6 The match is still peaceful. There are no serious attacks.
  • “15 The first quarter of the half passed and the negative prevailed.
  • 16 Liverpool badly missed the trio “Salah, Firmino and Mane”.
  • “17 The impact of this trio on Liverpool is completely different from the absence of any player from any team, especially in the offensive line.
  • “17 For example, if Salah is absent, Firmino and Mane are affected, and if Firmino is absent, Salah, Mane and so on, and so on … so what about the absence of the trio once.
  • “Yellow card for 19” of the Maitland player, Alexander Scholes.
  • 22 Alexander-Arnold easily passed Mittelland’s defense before passing a great ball that Origi would have placed in front of the goal, if it were not for the defender who drove the ball.
  • “24” second yellow card to a player from Mittland, this time “Frank Onica” who committed a foul on Origi.
  • “26 Bad taming of the ball by Takumi Minamino deprives him of the opportunity to score.
  • “27 games are stopped due to the injury of the Liverpool player, Fabinho.
  • “28 The player was injured without contact with any player, and the medical device is still revealing the extent of the injury on the field.
  • “29 Fabinho will not continue the match!
  • “30” is really the first urgent replacement for Liverpool, with the departure of the injured Fabinho and the entry of the young defender Reese Williams.
  • “31 What is happening with the Liverpool team in this position! Van Dyke before and today Fabinho.
  • 32? Third yellow card to a player from Mittelland, “Michelle Causti”, after a strong intervention on Henderson !!
  • “33 players from Mittelland continue with the violent solution …
  • 37 Robertson crosses quickly from the left wing and tries to cross, but bounces off the defender’s feet and goes to the corner.
  • “38 Salah, Mane and Firmino are warming up at the moment!
  • “James Milner’s 40 ? yellow card, after the clear abduction of Sesto for disrupting the Danish team’s counterattack.”
  • 44 There were no serious attacks on both goals in the last few minutes.
  • “45 The referee adds two minutes as calculated time instead of lost.
  • “45 + 1, Miyameno turns Arnold’s cross towards the goal, but in the immediate vicinity of the left post.
  • “He whistles 45 + 2 at the end of the first half with a goalless draw, waiting for the second half, which will definitely be more exciting.
  • “45 beginning of the second half

  • “46” Second substitution for Liverpool at the beginning of the half, with the departure of captain Jordan Henderson and the entry of Giorgio Venaldum.
  • 52 The director focuses the camera on the trio, Salah, Mane and Firmino again as they warm up.
  • “55” – Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooool – Diogo Iota scored the first goal for Liverpool.
  • Pictures from the match Liverpool and Milan - Iota celebrated the first goal
    Pictures from the match Liverpool and Milan – celebration of Iota’s first goal
  • „55 Purpose of the story | Arnold doubles with Shaqiri and sends a cross to Iota within the six-yard line, to make it easier to put the second in the goal.
  • “60 ?? two substitutions at once for Liverpool, with Divok Origi leaving and Mohamed Salah entering, Takumi Minamino leaving and Sadio Mane entering.
  • 65 ? First substitute for Maitland with the exit of Auer Maple and the entry of Michael Anderson.
  • “69 There were no serious attacks in the last few minutes.
  • “72” The third crossing to METILAND leaving Pune Sesto and entering Evander.
  • “75 Salah and Mani have not appeared yet!
  • 76oooooo Kaba almost scored an equalizer for Mittelland, but his shot came close to the left post by a few centimeters.
  • “77 Firmino is preparing for his entry in the next few minutes.
  • 81 ?, the fifth and last replacement for Liverpool, with the departure of Diogo Iota and the entry of Roberto Firmino.
  • “81”, on the other hand, Maitland makes the fourth replacement, with the departure of Suri Kaba and the entry of Luca Beverer.
  • 84 Luca Beverer hits with his head, but just above the goal.
  • 88 Dreyer misses a goal opportunity after skillfully avoiding Gomez and trying to lift the ball from the top of Alison to hug the outside net … He made it hard, wasted, easy!
  • “90 penalty kicks for the Liverpool team, after being blocked by Maitland defender Mohamed Salah.
  • “90 The referee adds two minutes as calculated time instead of lost.
  • “90 + 1” Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo – Mohamed Salah adds the second goal from the penalty spot.
  • Pictures from the match Liverpool and Maitland - the moment when Mohamed Salah scored the second goal from the penalty spot
    Pictures from the match Liverpool and Maitland – the moment when Mohamed Salah scored the second goal from the penalty spot
  • “He whistles 90 + 2 at the end of the match, with the victory of Liverpool over Miteland, with two clear goals.

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