Al-Saudi, a third-party intelligence agency for intelligence operations, has announced the launch of its 11.3-million-barrel-yomiya, rapid-fire researcher Mama al-Hanifa
According to Reuters, Waqalat al-Masadar, the oil producer of my crude oil, is currently earning 1.3 million bpm and 4.9 million bpm. Kant confesses the height of the Yom al-Thin, a trace of the third-generation alumni of Bremill Yumia.
On the day of the 14th of September, Ali al-Munshin in the cage, in the oilfields, and at the expense of the disadvantaged, was killed.
Khan Al-Saudi Minister of Defense Al-Amir Abdul Aziz bin Salman, Valerie Lalish, President of the Ramako Al-Nusra Oil Authority, former Saudi Arabia's chief of staff, Saul Balabar.
Wafi Badeem Almer, Expeditionary Alphabet Oil 20% But our capability is soon after the promise of immediate economic growth.
The dignity of the Saudis in charge of my obedience to my predecessors, but we are against my allegations during my sabbaticals, my reservations and my degree of abuse. Yeti alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The Bloomberg Lawyer's office in Lanba'a al-Masador, a Saudi oil company, has been on the line for 20 October and before that.
The glory of Jadid al-Masadar in the training of Sa'ad al-Sa'ad al-Saudiyyah, the successor of the Prophet (peace be upon him), but not the last of my temples. Wulfat al-Mas'adr al-N لlm al-Imمm after taking final appointments, however, as well as my eligibility, and so on. Well, Yatseny, my immediate suspension, "Ramco".
Ali Said Moussad, The Wall Street Journal's memoir, Al-Anqa Al-Sa'idi, An Al-Saudiyyah Double Instruction on High-Tech Subjects in the General Plan of the Taliban
Successfully, al-Sahifa'i van al-Diwan al-Maliki al-Saudi, and their publisher, our plan for the final al-Mutaf al-Faylah, but only 10% of my Al-Shariqa al-Lubi and ours.
Of course, Reuters quotes one of the most prominent informants in the group, Ramako, as my cousin, with a view to donating the necessary funds to fund the next billion-dollar deal. Waqal Jahad al-Masdrain, as well as the information of the steward Ali al-Amir, his associate solicitor for oil and gas.
Imam al-Sadran in the name of the Imam Ali al-Fur I ask for a medical explanation.
According to Reuters, Arsal al-Talab al-Benouk, later on, my son al-Hajjum fi 14 September Ali al-Mashrin al-Bukhum al-Maqam al-Maqam al-Muqa'ir al-Muqa'ir al-Muqa'ir al-Maqam al-Muqa'ir al-Baqam.
The Influence of the Influential Ruler of "Ramaco" Amin al-Nasser, in Al-Shoriki, Al-Tawadi al-Tawali al-Tawli, La Tazal Fai, in Execution of the Corrections, but the List of Al-Qa'ars,
Former Wafi Man al-Aam al-Hali, Ramako congregation, most of Rafi Fayyat Al-Alam's corporations, my $ 12 billion first, then my al-Sandat al-Dawlyi, after receiving a $ 100 billion majority request. The consumption cases of the "Ramaco" and "Betronas" al-Malizi are in particular Benazir al-Madi's limbs of the Qasir al-Jal al-Qamishli, a subsidiary of the government of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
The presence of those responsible for "Ramako", the deputy governor of the districts of Al-Bihar, at the time of the Taliban's arrival.