Friday , June 18 2021

Slow down the deterioration of your lungs. Find out about 5 positive things when you quit smoking

Smoking is a bad habit because of its negative impact on health, which increases the chances of cancer and serious illnesses that lead to death.

There are a number of positive things that happen to you when you quit smoking, according to the "No doctor" website and we recognize them in this report.

Give up smoking 1

Stop smoking

Better the lungs

Smoking eliminates lung flexibility and weakens its ability to breathe good, resulting in low levels of oxygen in the blood and an increased risk of infection. The use of additional oxygen may also be increased through the inhaler if the condition of the lungs deteriorates.

Quitting smoking does not mean that your lungs will return to what they had before smoking. It depends on the age and duration of smoking, but it will help slow the deterioration of the lungs and thus improve your lungs.

Your form becomes better and younger

Damage caused by smoking is due to the thousands of additional compounds caused by tobacco combustion, such as carbon monoxide, which is associated with hemoglobin and depletion of oxygen. Low levels of oxygen lead to poor healing, deterioration of skin shape and hair loss, and the smoker is too soon. Heart attack and strokes due to narrowing of the major vessels (known as atherosclerosis), and smoking can significantly increase the risk of atherosclerosis.

Better health for your heart

The smoker also carries a high risk of kidney problems, eye and other complaints that are often called peripheral vascular diseases.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Lower level of tension

Smoking also contributes to increased stress and stress, since nicotine is a dependent substance and increases stress and stress when time passes between eating a cigarette and the other.

They are less likely to cling

When you quit smoking, it takes two to 12 weeks to improve blood circulation, your body begins to repair the damage caused by smoking and returns the number of white blood cells to normal because the immune system is no longer exposed to tar and nicotine due to smoking, it will be easier Your body is struggling with colds, flu and other diseases.

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