Monday , June 21 2021

Samira Said at the "Global Village" ceremony … between the beautiful time and the modern rhythm

The artist Samira_said sailed with the audience and loved ones on a journey that took place between the time of the beautiful art and the rhythm of the modern present at a ceremony in the World Village in Dubai organized by Rotana Audio and Video.

She sang with her old and recent songs, as well as the latest generation and dance of the current generation, and the concert began with a young "locker" designed by Eli Saab. She expressed happiness in the song in the United Arab Emirates after a long absence, grateful for the wise leadership of this country. With his family of prosperity and facilities, using many of the Moroccan vocabulary, as well as celebrating the celebration and beauty of the "global village," thanking her company "Rotana" for the organization.

At the ceremony, Samira returned her famous song "Ghani two days later", which lives 34 years after his release, to burn nostalgia and awaken the feelings of an entire generation, which proved to be a way of respect, success and love. She also presented many of her famous songs: What I Need, Hua Hua, Day and Day, Many Times, I Want To Live, Superman and others.

With a welcome and a smile wrapped in her face, the Moroccan actress got it after the ceremony, people from the media and many of her fans who insisted to see her after the ceremony, revealing that a new singular song of the dialect in the Gulf will soon begin.

It is worth mentioning that the concerts held by the "International Village" with the support of "Rotana", which are 15 concerts and witnesses of the Emirate of Dubai over five months, began with a special beauty started by singer Yemen, Fuad Abdel Vaud.

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