Wednesday , June 16 2021

Road map of General Electric in Lebanon aimed at stimulating the energy sector

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
GE has announced that it is discussing an action plan to increase the energy sector in Lebanon, while the general manager of the energy services department at the company said General Electric has a strong position in the Lebanese energy sector.

"I discussed a comprehensive road map to support the plans and vision of the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water, which was established in 2010. To develop the Lebanese energy sector from manufacturing plants through transmission and distribution networks," the company said in a statement received by Alsumaria News. "The event, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Water, witnessed the presence of over 140 people led by Minister César Abi Khalil, US Ambassador to Lebanon, HER Elizabeth Richard and many officials. LEP power plants and engineers, contractors, developers and consultants. "

"Our main priority is to strengthen the power sector infrastructure to address the current shortages, based on the importance of energy in supporting the development of national infrastructure in various areas," Abu Khalil said during the statement. "We can make qualitative changes in the energy sector by building cooperation with private sector companies such as General Electric, which have provided a comprehensive action plan and technologies that are in line with our objectives to create a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the Lebanese energy sector in the future. "

It is estimated that Lebanon suffers from a power shortage reaching 1.5 GW, due to the continuous increase in electricity demand by 5% per annum in 2018-2021 and 3% between 2021 and 2030.

The challenges related to the shortage of energy generated are compounded by network-related problems such as network fragmentation and network violations.

The road map contains several proposals, including:

Adding 1.5 gigawatts using fast energy generation technology and creating new, simple cyclic installations with three types of fuel, including heavy oil, light diesel oil and natural gas, as well as wind farms that help generate clean energy in a short time.

Increase production capacity by an additional 1.3 GW by constructing new complex recurring bets and converting simple bicycle stations into a combined cycle to facilitate the generation of larger amounts of electricity without increasing fuel consumption and creating new wind farms in the medium term

Adding up to 2.7 GW to meet Lebanon's energy needs thanks to new cyclic stations and the creation of facilities for generating renewable energy in the long run.

In addition to improving network performance by extending to six substations, creating up to 17 new substations and installing an integrated energy management system that allows the Ministry to identify areas of losses in the network.

"General Electric has a strong position in the Lebanese energy sector, from the launch of the first steam turbine in 1987 and the first GE gas turbine to be launched," said General Medhat Al Marabi, general manager of GE Energy Services in the Middle East, Africa Northern and Iraq. In 1996 in Lebanon. "

"We welcome today's continuation of this cooperation by providing a comprehensive road map to supply electricity throughout Lebanon and improve the efficiency of the energy sector today and in the future, thus contributing to the creation of solid foundations that also support the process of social development in the country. "

GE has a strong position in over 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey and has been supporting the development of the energy sector for over 80 years.

GE's gas and steam turbines are currently used by over 360 customers in these regions, contributing to one-third of the energy produced.

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