Friday , August 23 2019
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New feature from Facebook .. Your favorite movie is here

Facebook has announced the launch of a new feature that allows filmmakers to use their social network to promote their films through ads that appear to users in notifications.

Facebook, which has the largest social network in the world, announced in a blog post that the feature includes two new advertising solutions: movie reminders and movie ads.

Both solutions are designed to help movie studios increase ticket sales and help people find the movies they want to watch.

Facebook says that movies often reveal movies months before they start, so she thinks they need reminders to let them know that the movie they are waiting for is coming to the cinema soon.

With movie reminders, the company said users who see a movie post they want on their News page can now click the "Interested" button to get a reminder of their Facebook announcements when it's time to start screening in theaters. By clicking on the reminder notification, users go to the movie's Facebook page, which includes details, such as broadcasts, and can buy tickets from that page.

In terms of movie shows, Facebook explained that they are already available for movies that are currently in theaters. Previously, users had to go through a number of steps and searches to see when movies were displayed.

When they see an ad during a movie show, they can click on the Get Showtimes button to go directly to the movie details page on Facebook, where they can find information on where and when the movie will be shown.

According to Facebook, advertisers who tested these solutions have already seen strong results that have prompted ticket searches and ticket sales. Universal Pictures has used these solutions to promote its latest film The Grinch and has seen a dramatic increase in ticket search and purchase.

Movie reminders and movie show ads are currently available for all movie companies in the US and the UK.

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