Thursday , January 21 2021

Mustafa Hamdan warns of plague outbreak in collapsed buildings near port

The secretary general of the Nasserite Independent Movement (Al-Murabitun), Brigadier General Mustafa Hamdan, tweeted: “This corrupt sectarian political class braggingly boasts that the French should help form a government of national unity.

The Saudi, Qatari and American must decide for the Lebanese people who will be their acceptable minister of health, defense or seizure at the door of the Ministry of Finance.

In a tweet, Hamdan called on officials “to direct their efforts to work to remove the accumulated waste on the streets after the rains and in the destroyed buildings in the areas and streets around the affected port of Beirut.”

In case a large number of rats die, you will cause a plague outbreak after sunrise, and thus really serve the Lebanese homeland, plague and crown and rob you with public money.

Besides, you are lying to the people and hypocrisy, because you have all stolen the money of the people in the country and there is no more money in Lebanon. Therefore, strive to find solutions because we are on the brink of environmental catastrophe and the spread of epidemics. This is not an exaggeration in reality. “Our Lebanese people know this.”

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