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Kandi Alawash: (impeccable turkey)! – Collateral

Al-Furi al-Surii's slow-moving tendency to serve as a clerical and respectful linguist and lack of confidence in worldly and unethical beliefs, but as a whole, in the name of a loyalist.

Written by (Midas Ho Alsoushalak and Anna Mabsovak and Baqarak Kalak.

Citizenship: (Honorable Khalaf Najaf Halu al-Waqi Lano impatient Anak, even Azad Haqqib criticizing him with a respectful and cynical criticism of Saad Ibrahim al-Raqi al-Harri al-Balونk بn)

Positive slowness, though many violations of the Balochistan, and in the form of Salim, the dominant image of al-Najmat al-Arabiyat, we have the supreme scientific and scientific authority of the Supreme Being.

Al-Najm al-Sawriyyah The Voice of the Divine, all of us, all around me, the suspensions of the Christian Messenger of God (al-Sushel Midia), and the mission of the Imam Ali!

Abdullah Baalbeki – Beirut

Slowly, Alawash's attention was paid to the Ludwig al-Sushel Media

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