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Gul's military council forces him to smuggle Russian women into ISIS families

Reliable sources reported to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that special forces of the al-Gul Military Council were able to prevent the trafficking of women from ISIS families to the al-Gul camp in the southern village of Hassaka, and in details obtained by the Syrian Observatory, special forces manage to arrest 4 Smugglers smuggle 4 Russian women from ISIS families into the Al-Gul camp near the village of Al-Sawi south of al-Gul south of al-Hasakah.

On September 4, the Syrian Observatory reported that two women from non-Syrian Islamic State families managed to escape after being transferred from al-Gul camp for treatment to hospitals in Tal Tamr and al-Shikma in al-Hasakah province. On September 4, the Syrian Observatory announced that death continued to spread its hands at Camp Al-Gul, claiming more lives in the light of catastrophic shadows on the medical side of the Al-Gul camp and the failure of all international parties to provide support. finding a solution to the humanitarian disaster in the camp. The Syrian Observatory has documented the paradox of 23 new children as a result of poor health and living conditions, lack of medicines and food and acute shortages of medical care as a result of the failure of international organizations, bringing at least 409 children under 18 years that have passed away. Worldwide since January, the extension of the camp's chain of deaths, which is suffering from severe humanitarian conditions, has turned into a small country involving mostly Islamic State children and women, where the children who died are British nationals. , Portugal, Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Ukraine, Belgium, China, Chechnya, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, the Maldives, Indonesia, Somalia, India and other nationalities from Asia, Europe and Africa, while reliable sources at the Syrian Observatory have confirmed that if patients cannot be treated at the Gul camp, they are transferred to the People's and Wisdom hospitals. Reliable camp sources for the Syrian Observatory have confirmed that people in the camp suffer mainly from a lack of medical supplies and health care, in addition to food shortages and lack of mobility by international organizations and lack of some of what is happening at the Camp Gul Syrian Observatory announced on Saturday that the humanitarian situation at al-Ghul camp in north-east al-Hassakah continues to decline as large numbers of displaced persons in recent months have prevented local aid and medical agencies can do that. International, continues to provide all the conditions for tens of thousands of people living in Camp Hall, which has been turned into a mini-state by a large wave of displacement towards it.

The Syrian Observatory announced on September 3 that international silence is continuing in the direction of all the disasters that are taking place in Davit al-Gul north-east of al-Hasakah province. Perhaps the worst catastrophe to date is the failure to rehabilitate the children of ISIS members In the camp, where the camp has become a breeding ground for radicalization and "jihad" in the heads of these children by women in the organization who deliberately implant thought of the organization in the minds of their children and teach the teachings of the terrorist organization, to become a training camp for children in the thought of the Islamic State the number of people in the state of Gul after recent exits and the extradition of foreign children to their countries.This state now includes at least 68,607 people, 8450 Iraqi families. There are a total of 30,765 Iraqi citizenship there, and 7,809 Syrian families within 28069 Syrian nationals, while the rest – 9773 people – are of European, Asian, African and other nationality among 2824 families.

On August 22, the Syrian Observatory said it saw a new fight in al-Gul camp, north-east of al-Hasakah, between ISIS families and internal security forces, where several ISIS families threw stones at members of the group. Assassin in camp after verbal altercation between parties, while one Assassin member breaks his hand while arresting four women from the organization's families, in the context of similar incidents that take place almost daily in the "Hall of Fame", on a continuing international basis silence on what is happening At a time when it is necessary to work on the rehabilitation of children and to dispel the ideas of organization A that can be installed in their minds from childhood.

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