Saturday , February 29 2020
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Does Somaya Kashab Enter Prison?

Shisham Tamim, the lawyer for artist Sumaya El Kashab, has announced his opposition to a three-year prison sentence in the event of a credit check on her divorced singer Ahmed Saad. The prosecutor's office has set a new hearing on the case on December 7, after Saad was acquitted in absentia. Toxicity of wood in Barcelona.

She was taken aback during a three-year jail sentence in Barcelona in the case of unbalanced vetting by her husband, artist Ahmed Saad, and pledged to pay a £ 50,000 bail to stop her. enforcement of the judgment.

Ahmed Saad then issued his own account on Instagram, saying: "In spite of all that has been raised about the current crisis of artist Sumaya Kashab, which happened with a procedural error and without my knowledge and I am now out Egypt, just explain right and whatever the differences are already settled Bnfos pleased. "

Saad added: "I was amazed at the news through the media and immediately straightened the path, conveying any abuse or promotion of lies completely untrue, but unfortunately promoted by the media in hype, God promised not to offend or slander anyone circumstances, and will instruct those who abuse any overturned They turn. "

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