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Daboussi meets engineer Ghassan Al-Marabi, head of the Delegation of the Al-Marabiya University – Ambassador of the North


President of the Chamber of Commerce in Tripoli, Tawfiq Daboussi, President of the People's University, Ing. Ghassan Al-Marabi, presided over a delegation from the University, including Mr. Maher Al-Marabi, Vice President of Popular University, Waseem Al-Maroubi, Mar & # 39; ab, Haj Mahmoud Tawfiq Marhab and Khalil Mohammed.

President Debussy informed the visiting delegation about the "pillars of the comprehensive strategy of Tripoli and the North-Lebanese Chamber" for the development and modernization of the national economic community of the Wielkopolska Region of Tripoli, be it at the level of the House's internal projects or the launch of large investment projects not only at the Lebanese level, to read in depth the changes around Lebanon. "We will put together a basket of economic projects that provide attractive investment incentives that attract international international attention, and this is what we have seen and heard at our meetings." Heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Lebanon, which highlighted the heads of the mission on the assets stored in the Grand Tripoli and highlighted by the "Tripoli initiative, the economic capital of Lebanon" and presented to Prime Minister Saad Hariri, thanks to which we got to know better economic and social reality, and launch projects aimed at increasing pioneer role and a new role that will make them a lever for the economy national and attract international investment and motivation to increase the contribution of Lebanese people in the countries of implementation in order to benefit from their success stories recorded at the highest and different levels and the platform for the reconstruction and reconstruction of the the Arab countries. '

He said:" During all our meetings with senior officials, we focus on the importance of partnership based on public-private partnership law".

He continued: " We have worked with a specialized company to prepare a study for Autostrada to shorten the distance between Trypolis and Beirut in 40 minutes without a break. It is paid and implemented without any charges from the Lebanese state resulting from any acquisitions, which saves time and shortens efforts for entrepreneurs and will be presented to the new government for decision-making. proper".

President Daboussi discussed the extension of the Lebanon port from Greater Tripoli and said: " It is a future international investment project that stretches along the coastal strip, which starts from the current port by Bab El Tebbaneh – Beddawi – Deir Ammar – Minya – Abdeh in Akkar, about 16 km long, includes a variety of port and logistics services, dry dock, Delivery of ships, warehouses and stations for the collection of LPG, crude oil and other services, and many functions "".

He explained:" The social status of the area adjacent to the port expansion project and development and the type of ownership of the property, as well as the depth of the sea up to 22 m and near the airport of President Rene Moawad (Qalayat) (9 km) and land borders with Syria, which is an integrated transport system, easy and expensive to reach all Arab countries The Chinese ambassador during his recent visit to the House expressed his admiration for the idea of ​​the project and wanted the Chinese embassy to set up a Chinese company to prepare a feasibility study on the Palm. students of design studies and promised the happiness of demand and are often preparing necessary to communicate in this area at the level of Lebanese and Chinese governments".

He pointed out: "We have a center for industrial development and food research (EREK), which in turn organizes specialized centers, the first of its kind in Lebanon (olive oil tasting center, honey collection center and fruit and vegetable drying center). The American ambassador also visited the room in these centers and expressed surprise and admiration for the way these projects are implemented because of their importance in contributing to the support of farmers 'and farms' production in Lebanon, especially in the north".

Added: "The room has acquired a neighboring property because of its importance, because it is the only property that covers the basic property, the building for sustainable development will be built as a center of knowledge economy, and the room will be equipped on the first floor of the main building".

President Daboussi moved to a summary of research into the opening of the peace department (about 6,000 m2) in the port of Tripoli, which includes three buildings with an area of ​​about 500 square meters, the first of which concerns certificates issued by the House for certificates of origin and bills of lading, laboratory department conducting inspections imported and exported goods, and the last building is intended for storing goods subject to inspection, all in order to reduce the burden on entrepreneurs, exporters and importers and facilitate their transactions, therefore we have sent a letter to the Minister of Public Works and Transport in this regard".

And ended his explanation, referring to " Project of solar photoelectric station construction on the surface of the international Rashid Karami exhibition with a capacity of 5.8 megawatts. The necessary licenses and research have been completed and we are in the process of commissioning and carrying out when necessary funds are available. There are no Lebanese, Arab and international authorities, who have expressed the will to finance this modern environmental project".

Engineer Maher Al-Marabi had an intervention based on the foundations underlying it "The Tripoli initiative is the economic capital of Lebanon. "President Daboussi agreed that its content would be consistent with a realistic approach of an initiative that is already aware of weaknesses that can overcome weaknesses, even though weaknesses are a source of concern to be taken into account.".

He pointed to al-Marabi " Singapore's experience in guiding and changing citizens' behavior and decisions The government of this country, which started from scratch, was able to build a society that respects and admires the world".

He also dealt with the issue of scientific methodology based on "Integration between the economy and society The solidarity economy seeks to reconcile the objectives of economic growth and development with the principles of social justice and justice, makes man the center of the development process and beyond all purely economic considerations, and the solidarity economy between the public and private sectors should rely on it. An economy aiming at improving results, increasing social cohesion and including large segments of society in the cycle of economic life".

In conclusion, President Debussy presented a brochure "The Tripoli Initiative, the economic capital of Lebanon " Engineer Ghassan Al-Marabi also expressed great appreciation for President Daboussi's determination to put the initiative on Lebanese, Arab and international public opinion as a strategic project about the size of a country focused on the interests of investors and major project owners and is the attraction and interest of Lebanon from the Great Tripoli, Arabic and international, Strategic wealth of exceptional geographical location and large public facilities, and private sector aspirations leaning towards a promising future.

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