Wednesday , June 23 2021

Berri and Bassil are not guarantors of the government's rescue … is that the Aoun solution?

In a whirlwind of the "8 March" junction, fabricated to cut the road to the birth of government under the pretext of an internal excuse of hurdles, which is already regional perfection, political data show, because the liquidation of what was called the "knot of power" of the "striking teacher" threw a ball of fire to the court of a real official In hindsight, the crisis of forming a government lasts without the glare of hope that could be resolved in the foreseeable future, or at least before the birth of Hezbollah, which has been affected by the potential date of writing for over four months by the headquarters.

Then "stocks" of many of these expectations and considered them illogical, because the stock exchange optimism regarding the proclamation of government decrees was at their height and the belief that the internal contract can be solved by the magician is almost robust, and "Hezbollah" from the arena of formation problems is watching from a distance and does not cease to confirm It is easy to the maximum.

Birth is just around the corner, and the third row of silk does not give birth and there is no hope of its birth before New Year. The expectations of the party and lied to the forecasts of winners of Lebanon's withdrawal from the cocoon of regional decision, which is even more than any other day on paper and used the mailbox in the adult battle and the time of sanctions and nuclear weapons and the remains of international battering on the whole country.

But the belief that no longer one of the political leaders and high-ranking officials in the state far from them, did not advise against some of the ardent rest of the state structure supervising the fall, if the end of the bleeding is not continuous in his body, is weak when they move in more than one line and all its causes They manage to pull the country out of the spider's seat of international conflict, which swells and holds its head before it is too late. According to observations from political circles, "more than the movement monitored in this field, although it will not continue until today, including the withdrawal of the chairman of the House of Representatives, Nabih Berri wants to be a secret secretary so that he does not enter the fifth column to interrupt."

"It is necessary to exchange between him and the president of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and give Bari Aoun the Shiite minister in exchange for Aoun, the Sunni pastor, and then the chairman of the council, One of them is the participation of the President of the Republic, not the presidential candidate, The media, however, questioned the success of Berri's departure, if he broke in the form of the prestige of Prime Minister Al-Hariri, who does not appoint one of the six deputies, and his position was supported by the president.

"It is expected that Berri will finish the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and will emigrate to Gibran Bassil officials to examine their positions before they enter the operational stage."

Regarding the so-called "initiative", Minister Bassil, according to the media, the need to create a national unity government, representing all the basic blocks in the Council by involving them in this decision, especially in the government, will make decisions of the Cedar Conference valid and not will be allowed, and then the development of any element outside. That's why Bassil proposes a six-year dialogue between Prime Minister Hariri and Prime Minister Hariri: no one can impose the representation of any component without the consent of a presidential candidate who is to meet with everyone and listen to all elements.

In the light of the rejection of a sectarian monopoly and the demand to prevent Walid Jumblatt from giving the Progressive Party the full amount of Druze and handing in the request and setting the key to dissolving the node with President Aoun to select the third Druze from Jumblatt and Talal Arslan, and to dissolve the Druze nexus they were not invented, and President Aoun called for the participation of Druze, Sunnis, Shiites and Christians to guarantee diversity within sects and pave the way for sectarian monopolization. Some as a legislative step to disrupt the work of the government?

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