Saturday , April 17 2021

Al-Quds news agency – Intensive meetings in Ein El-Hels

According to media sources, the security situation at the Ain El Hile camp was replaced with cautious tensions after the assassination of a member of the Palestinian National Security Force, Mohamed Nazih Khalil, nicknamed "Abu al-Cool" in the Hittin district in the Ein el-Hilve camp, Contacts and meetings that required the extradition of the defendant and surveillance cameras in the area.

Palestinian sources have informed the newsletter that a meeting that was held at the Democratic Front's office in the camp's underground street gathered various Palestinian national and Islamic factions and discussed the latest security developments in the camp. Cameras for surveillance and detection of the actor without delay, given that they are not against Hittin's people, but against the killer and those who support him.

Sources say that the small "unified political leadership" of the Saida region continued the meeting to monitor the climate of the criminal tails and the culprit's discovery, at a time when the commander of the Palestinian National Security Forces in Lebanon, Major General Sobie, said that " He continued to surrender the assailant who had assassinated a member of the national security forces at the Ain al-Hilweh camp. "

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