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Al Jazeera: Finishing work is a flame of hope for the entire Arab world

United Arab Emirates astronaut Shaza Al-Mansouri on returning home with his colleague Sultan al-Najadi expressed his happiness at achieving the historic achievement of the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world by accessing the International Space Station.

This came during a discussion at the Presidential Airport in Abu Dhabi as soon as the two astronauts returned home. The session was attended by Salem al-Mari, director of the Emirates Astronautics Program, and Sultan al-Najadi, moderated by Saud Karmastaji, director of strategic communication at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center.

Al-Mansouri said during a panel discussion that "after you return home and see His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and the deputy commander-in-chief of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces in Iraq, Sheikh Zayed, God rest his soul, and dream of more than 40 years. " To be realized ”

"I was thrilled and proud to represent the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world in this scientific mission, which is the beginning of a flame of hope for the whole Arab nation. We are proud to be children of the United Arab Emirates who do not know the impossible, we have achieved this achievement. "

"The United Arab Emirates is now sharing the states that have arrived in space with research and scientific experiments," he said. "I am very proud to wear uniforms in the Emirates and speak Arabic at the International Space Station. These are great achievements besides the record of achievements. "

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He noted that "his experience has been remarkable, since the beginning of our training in the city of Stars in Russia and through training with various global space agencies. During which we have benefited greatly and still have much to learn, and to learn on future generations hope for the future. "

Jaza al-Mansouri added: "We are now starting where the states that entered the space field build a new future proud of future generations," stressing that "the goal of the September 25th task is to serve all mankind regardless of nationality, race or color .. to everyone on board "When I said goodbye to the astronauts under the ISS, I felt like saying goodbye to our brothers.

For his part, colleague astronaut Sultan al-Najadi said: "Jaza al-Mansouri did not climb the International Space Station alone, when we started the mission we shared the harsh conditions and challenges, the same way of eating, drinking, learning and learning. Russian language. "I felt like I came with him. He was not alone. "

"The experience we had together was a great experience that I cannot describe," he said. "It is a wonderful feeling that Zayed's ambition and vision for wise leadership are diminished at this moment."

"This is an important experience for all generations. This research will inspire future generations," he said. "The look of the current generation for the mission on 25 September confirms that in 10 or 20 years we will have a generation of scientists, researchers and creators."

For his part, Salem al-Marie, director of the Emirates Astronauts Program, said that "the choice of astronauts Yazza al-Mansouri and Sultan al-Najadi came after the high efficiency of more than 4,000 applicants for the mission", and continued that "Space is the key to the future where we can through scientific experiments 'The purpose of space exploration is to work for humanity.'

"We are committed to good leadership from the start of the program, to be sustainable."

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