Friday , April 16 2021

Al Gharafa wins Al Khor from five and reaches the quarter-finals of the Prince's Cup

Al Garrafa qualified for the quarter-finals of the Cup of the Prince in the 47th edition after winning Al Hor 5-2 in their match at the Grand Hamad Stadium at the Arab Club in the third phase of the match.

The goals of the match were scored by Abdulaziz Hatem in the 26th minute, Ahmed Al-Jahi in the 30th and 58th minute, Ahmed Alaa in the 46th minute and Mahdi Tarmi in the 78th minute for Al Garraf.

Al-Corch qualified for the third phase of the match after defeating Al-Wakra for four-goal penalties against three at the end of the match in his original time, with two goals scored for each team in the second phase. Al-Garraf was directly ranked as the eighth place in the QNB Stars League II, which he hopes to reach the advanced stages and return his former glory after winning 7 times the title of the match.

Al Gharafa will face Al Sadd in the quarter-finals of the match (stage four) on Thursday.

It is worth mentioning that eight clubs crowned Prince His Highness football, and considered the club Aldhail was the last title in the 46th edition of 2017-2018, which culminated in Al Ryan's account after winning the final match (2 -1) and is considered Al Arabi Club is the most prestigious club in Qatar with 16 titles and is the winner of the two league championships 2015-2014 at the expense of the Club Al Sahiliya and the Army. Al Arabi Club is second with 8 titles, last in 1993, Al Garrafa with 7 titles, Al Ryan Club with 6 titles, Al-Ali Club with four titles, Qatar Club with two titles, Al-Dahil Club with two titles Nin, as well, and, finally, the Umm Şalāl Club with one title in its history in the 2008 season.

The match between Al Gharafa and Al Khor was strong and exciting, and I saw a great match between the two teams and they both spent a lot of opportunities in an attempt to get the result early.

In the 26th minute, Al Garraf opened the score with Abdul Aziz Hatem, who led a concentrated attack and penetrated the defense of Al Kor and fired a powerful shot from the goalkeeper Al Hor al-Bakri.

While Al Gore tried to modify the result and return to the match and narrow the gap, Al Gharafa added the second goal in the 30th minute to Ahmed Al-Jahi after receiving a cross from Othman Al-Ahri, who put it directly into the Creek network, announcing the progress of his team with a clean double.

The second goal angered the players of Creek, who came in with all their weight to attack and managed to defeat Brazil's Tiago Pizarre to reach the first goal of the Creek in the 37th minute after a strong blow to the left corner of the goal defeated Garraf Yusuf Hassan Ali.

Al-Gharafa continued to look for progress and Ahmed Alaa missed a third goal in the 45th minute after his strike reached a mistake and received a penalty after referee Abdullahman Ibrahim al-Yazim guided video assistant (Mouse).

Ahmed Alaa managed to add Al Garaza's third goal in the 46th minute to the end of the first half with a 3-1 win over Al-Khour.

With the start of the second half, Al Garrafa continued to make strong appearances in the game, and Ahmed Al-Janahi managed to score the fourth goal of his team in the 58th minute, taking advantage of the lack of good positioning by Al-Hor, before their goal to accept the network and announce the progress in the quarter-goal.

On the other hand, Al Coyor tried to get back into the game, and Brazilian player Tiago Pisara managed to add his second goal to the match in the 64th minute.

Al Ghorafa scored the fifth goal with Mahdi Tarmi in the 78th minute after receiving the cross from Abdul Aziz Hatem, who put him directly into the net against Al Koor to widen the gap. To his team.

Despite adding rule to the match in 3 minutes, as alternative time ended, Al-Garafa's meeting beat Al-Horah with a score of 5-2 to attack Al Sadd in the quarter-finals of the match on Thursday.

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