Sunday , June 20 2021

Aaron Ramsey initiates the conflict between Juventus and Bayern Munich

LONDON (Reuters) – The main European teams are competing for Arsenal's Welshman Aaron Ramsey, who will leave his team for free at the end of the season.
The newspaper said that Ramsey would refuse to include him in the agreement Arsenal wanted in the next transfer window for loan to the Czech striker Patrick Chek.

The Sun said Juventus da Ramsay pay £ 10.4 million a year (200,000 a week) to move to the team next summer for free.

Bayern Munich has also announced the will to sign Ramsay for free next year, but Juventus will try to defeat Bavaria and break the Welshman out.

Arsenal and Ramsay were close to reaching an agreement to extend the Welsh contract, but Arsenal withdrew its last offer to the player for unknown reasons.

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