Wednesday , June 16 2021

51 points for James in his previous basket

# 1 LeBron_James restored the Los Angeles Lakers to a winning streak when he led him to victory over his former representative Miami # 113-97 at home, scoring 51 points, while the Golden State Warriors lost their third defeat at the end of the game to San Antonio Spurs 92 -104, in the NBA # NBA Championship.

In the first match in the Americans Arena and before 19686 spectators, the Lakers replaced the humiliating fall in Orlando Magic 117-130, on Saturday, and James beat Miami Heat for the first time because he retired in 2014 in a free transfer.

For the 12th time, James earned 50 points in his professional career and the first in the Los Angeles Lakers.

James, 33, scored 44 points on Wednesday at the Portland Trail Blazers (126-117), with the top five on the list of the best league recorders when he raised his record to 31 425 points in regular seasons (no points) Playoffs) since his career began in 2003.

James Wilt Chamberlain, who scored 31,419 points during the 1959-1973 rally, bypassed James.

James, who led Miami Heat to the final four times in 2010-2014 and finished two matches before returning to his home team Cleveland Cavaliers and returning to the last Lakers guest, he hit hard from the start and scored 19 points in the first quarter.

"It's always nice to come back to this stadium, I have great memories in this room," he said, adding: "On Saturday against Orlando, we have not digested the issue of our long journey around the country.

Quintaeus Caldwell-Bob also scored 19 points, while Wayne Ellington was the best player in Miami, missing a friend of James Dwyane Wade on paternity leave with 19 points.

The Lakers won in the first quarter by 13 points (34-21), before the two quartets in the remaining three quarters were equal to the relative advantage for the guests (33-31, 25-24 and 21-21).

It is the fifth victory of the Lakers in the last six games, and seventh this season, it moved up to seventh in the western region, while Miami Heat suffered the second defeat of Tawalii and tenth this season, retreating to ninth place in the eastern region.

The Los Angeles Lakers are guests of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday in James' first match against his former Cleveland team from the transition to the first.

For the first time, James Cleveland led the Cavaliers to the championship in 2016.

In the last two years, the Golden State Warriors lost their third defeat at the top of the table when they lost to San Antonio Spurs 92-104 after losing to Houston Rockets 86-107 Thursday and Dallas Mavericks 109-112. Saturday.

This is the third time that Gold State has lost 3 simple games under Steve & # 39; and Care & # 39; since it last took over in 2014.

This is the sixth defeat for Golden State this season, and the fifth in the last seven games.

Warriors who had no stars Stephen Currie and Raymond Greene due to injuries could not get through the game.

Kevin Durrant and Clay Thompson were the best players in 26 and 25 points from 10 rebounds, while among them were Lamarkus Aldridge (24 points from 18 rebounds) and Dimar Diruzan (20 points with 7 assists).

"It's been a long time," he said. "We have had a dream for four or five years and now it's going through one of the most difficult times – it's a NBA, a real gehenna that we did not experience in the seasons." We have to play better and communicate better. " , He said.

Orlando Magic defeated New York Knicks 131-117, and Washington Wizards lost to Portland Trail Blazers 109-119, and Timberwolves from Minnesota defeated Memphis Grizzlies 87-100.

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