Tuesday , June 22 2021

Witnesses talk about a pregnant day in which blood died in Ireland, a dead and dead Latvian

This week, the court still sees the possible assassination of a Latvian citizen Rita Apines in Ireland. The latest information shows that witnesses told about events from a busy day.

The "Baltic-Ireland" portal says that Gatis Kuhlskis, who has lived in Ireland for 11 years, was tried in court, and together with the murdered defendants, Renārs Veigulis worked in one place. He said that on May 14, 2017, he was an ordinary day, until he received an invitation from a friend with an urgent request to go to the home of Veiguļi. Kahliskis was shocked when he spotted a woman on the street who, in his opinion, was R.Apine, who was trying to revive the rescue team.

The witness said the accused had told him that Rita had descended from the stairs and headed for the child safety gates attached to the bottom of the stairs. Veigul claimed he had not seen a fall. Kühler got a three-year-old daughter, Apines and Veiguļy, whom he took to his girlfriend's house. The witness confirmed that Veigulis was shocked, shocked and constantly smoking.

On the other hand, Julia Sinagin told the court that he had lived in Ireland for 10 years, but he liked Rita Apini about a year and a half before he died. She told her that she must identify Apini after her death and she could see that the young woman's body and face had been seriously wounded.

It has already been reported that May 29 at the home of Rita Apine, 14 May 2017, found in the stairwell in Ireland heavy head injuries. Although initially thought that she accidentally fell into the stairs, it was later suspected that the accident was not a coincidence.

Initially, the legislators believed that by accident they fell out of the stairs, but later they were suspected and an investigation was opened.

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