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Used clothes – how to get rid of the entire wardrobe? ::


November 10, 2018 at 00:00
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Today's fashion trends are changing faster than a few years ago. Thanks to the opportunities offered by the Internet, both young and old used clothes they are much easier to access. Excess clothing can, however, lead to a cloaked clothes cabinet and even make it difficult to dress each morning. Do you know what to do with clothes that have become unnecessary?

How to get rid of burning clothes, shoes and other things?
Getting rid of unnecessary things is often associated with changes not only in the physical space, but also at the level of feelings. Shelves and cabinets are stronger, rooms are cleaner and it seems that you suddenly became a bit more free and ready for a new beginning. Twhat about the question, what to keep and how to get rid of it?

When cleaning your wardrobe, pay attention to its contents:

  • not morally or physically outdated – Was the T-shirt worn quite tired last summer? Does the jacket purchased during the German journey look worse after intensive use?
  • corresponds to the current size – Raised jeans that were worn 15 years ago could really go back to fashion. But if the waist of the pants seems strangely narrow, and the button does not want to make any concessions, maybe it's time to sell them and free up space for gorgeous jeans that have a much better shape on the body?
  • give you pleasure – clothes, footwear and accessories, as well as other things, often include memories of the stage of life – both happy and not so happy. For example, Mary Kondo, a famous Japanese collocation expert, recommends getting rid of all things that do not give positive emotions in his book "The Magic of Order";
  • Suitable for your style – changing not only fashion trends, but also individual style. What has been used during years of research may no longer be suitable for starting, for example, office work.

Once you decide on the contents of the cabinet and decide which things are no longer needed, it's time to get rid of them. Clothing can be sorted and recycled, but used clothes and other items will be sold on the online platform!

Why sell and buy used clothing and accessories?
There are several important benefits for the sale of clothing. It's a great way to:

  • get more free time – hangers, which are the result of the severity of clothes, clothes that have been broken, because they are too close to neighbors, lost, dusty wardrobe clothes that you forgot … Such wardrobe and clothes need a lot more time and energy;
  • reduce stress – casual dressing will become much simpler. By selling the surplus, you will no longer have to "mock" in the morning among the myriad clothes to find one black sweater or gray coat that lasted four months ago;
  • Put down money to buy new items. Perhaps in your cupboard you will find not too expensive, expensive shoes for which you once paid white money. By selling it, you will regain at least part of its value to invest in new shoes that you really like.

It is as beneficial as trade, as well as the purchase of used goods. This will help you save money, for example by buying exclusive branded goods at more affordable prices and saving natural resources, reducing the demand for new boxes.

Do you know where you can both sell and buy well-maintained used or new clothes and other goods at the same time?

High-quality second-hand clothing and other pearls – online platform Andelemandele
Andelemande is an easy-to-use online trading platform where you can sell and buy original precious stones.
If you want to sell one of your items or buy a new pearl, all you need to do is register at the portal. By joining Andelemande with or a passport on Facebook, you'll be able to both place your ad and rely on the publishers of other members and get valuable things in their possession.

What to sell and buy Andelemandel?
At Andelemandeel you can sell or buy everything you need, both ladies and gentlemen, as well as a children's wardrobe, shoe rack or dressing table, as well as room amenities.

Looking at Andelemende, you are looking for stylish, good quality used clothes, for example:

  • Sweaters and jackets;
  • T-shirts and tops;
  • pants and skirts;
  • jackets and suits;
  • dresses;
  • outerwear;
  • Sportswear;
  • clothing for expectant mothers;
  • underwear and swimwear;
  • accessories, shoes, bags, etc.

In addition to goods for housing, for example:

  • furniture and home furnishings;
  • electronics and household appliances;
  • textiles;
  • dishes;
  • lighting;
  • books, etc.

In addition, not only clothes, accessories and footwear are available on the trading platform, but also new or even retro pearls for you and your home.

Do you use unnecessarily used clothes in your wardrobe? Free your wardrobe and house with excess and give way to the new battles! Look at, register and make a positive change!

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