Friday , October 22 2021

This time it was a bad victory / article / LSM.LV


The best boxing player in Latvia, Mairis Briedis, returned from Chicago on Monday, where he won the German boxer Noel Gevoru, also known as Norairs Mikaeljans, to win the Diamond Belt World Boxing Council (WBC). The victim is expensive, cheerful, but not for the fight itself.

The athlete's team is not happy with Fighting Struggle and is based on several factors. But above all the fact that the right hand of the boxer did not regain strength after the operation, which allowed the player to have a serious attack with one hand.

"It's difficult to say," ATV "Riga" LTV recognized Briedis, indicating that it is better not to win well than to lose beautifully. "It was a bad win in this situation" – added the boxer.

It is anticipated that for the next two weeks the Stag will rest until he prepares himself for the semi-final of Supersessions with the Polish Chissof Glowacki. After two weeks, the place of the battle will also be known.

"It is very likely that this will happen in Latvia, and that is why I am abnormally motivated to come back here with a great show and with a great audience that we saw in Chicago," said Boxer.

He had 26 wins in his career, and now he has 25 wins, of which 18 have been killed. There was also the loss of one defeat with the current ruthless world champion in the first heavyweight Ukrainian Oleksandra Usik.

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