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The doctor recommends: 6 tips to avoid influenza and other winter viruses – health

At present, a flu epidemic has been announced in the country, therefore it is necessary to pay more attention to health and various preventive measures for maintaining good health. Influenza, colds and various other diseases are the most endangered condition when immunity is weakened. Anesthesiologist – reanimatologist Agneze Malinovski gives advice in his opinion that it will help to strengthen immunity daily, not only to prevent the flu, but also other health disorders during the winter.

Good general health as a weapon against the flu

Influenza is a common and serious disease. It could not be said that for one year it is the easiest, and the other – a harder form. Patients with chronic illnesses suffer from flu often and at high risk of complications, so it is important to take care of your health throughout the year, which will make it faster and easier to deal with the flu. A young and healthy person usually brings this disease in a mild form and without complications. For people who have already been weakened by the body before the illness, the risk of complications increases significantly. Therefore, I will urge people to pay attention to any disease on time – at the root, which will prevent far-reaching consequences. Let's not think about pain or complaints as a norm and put health as a priority, because without expensive goods we can do it, but without good health it will be difficult.

Vaccination is recommended in pregnant and chronic patients

I am not a vaccine nor a vaccine. Unfortunately, vaccination does not rule out one hundred percent of the flu. There are cases when a person becomes ill immediately after flu vaccination. But this does not exclude the possibility that this will not happen without this vaccination. There is no denying that there are categories of people who are desirable vaccinations – pregnant women and people with chronic diseases. But would it be necessary for a healthy person? Let them remain on their own individual feelings and attitudes.

Healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and physical activity

Influenza often attacks those whose general health is not good at the beginning. So start with that! Care for your health does not start when we go to a doctor to get a prescription for high blood pressure drugs. It is a set of events and things that can build strong and good health. Healthy lifestyle, physical activity and proper diet, obviously obvious but very important aspects. Unhealthy diet can have a very negative effect. Recall that our children learn from us – if parents eat unhealthy food, then the child will start to consider it as the norm.

Stability of psychological health

Often, people talk about depression. Question – why is this depression? To a large extent, it is influenced by lifestyles, where we experience many different stressful situations in our daily work. People burn because they are constantly trying to do more – they become workaholics. Fatigue, stress, exhaustion also have a clear impact on our physical health, which makes us more susceptible to various diseases. There is such a concept as psychosomatic, when the emotions that suppress us are beginning to manifest in the body. The human psyche gives signals to the body that can cause various health problems such as head, back, and even heart problems. In vain, almost every second person in the United States is attending a psychotherapist. Of course, you do not have to go to a psychotherapist, but we need to talk to someone, tell us about their feelings and problems. If we can not talk freely with friends or family, then professional help is the solution. It is not natural to be ashamed to go to a specialist. If there is a problem, it must be resolved, it must not be held for as long as it grows into a serious illness.

Too "sterile" conditions – no

In childhood, our immunity develops in the face of various external factors. If the child is in an excessively sterile condition, immunity will be denied their development opportunities. There will be no so-called. & Lt; / RTI & gt; rust. Unfortunately, this is a problem for the younger generation, as susceptibility to illness has increased in recent years. Factors that contribute to improving health and stability depend heavily on the individual. Your doctor may recommend, recommend, but do not do anything for us.

More responsibility for seemingly insignificant diseases

With multiple chronic diseases, they can live together, and not significantly affect the quality of life, if they are controlled properly. Also, you should not worry about high blood pressure, as it can be a symptom of various diseases. Let's take care of ourselves, to be more critical for our health to live a quality and complete life.

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