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The court ruled that the ban was in the Sorgog / Dan office

In this criminal case, Sprud and ten others are charged with extortion, abuse of power, money laundering and other crimes.

The judge today announced his decisions on appeals to the court. The court confirmed the withdrawal of a request for a security measure – a ban on access to a particular place or its office on Antonias 7 – by Spradas. In addition, the court partially annulled the ban imposed on juniper to meet certain individuals, namely the defendants. The exclusion was canceled and the obligation to check the police station once a week.

The court also rejected Prosecutor Uldis Zinkmanis' request to replace the security-security measure – with detention.

On the other hand, the defendant, former Oscar-winning Oscar Yerchen, was partly deprived of the right to meet certain individuals, namely, some of the defendants.

On the other hand, for entrepreneur Guntars Slyshan, the court abolished the ban on leaving the state, instead applying a security measure – changing the place of residence, that is, it had to inform the court whether it wanted to change the place of residence.

As reported, at a court session on Tuesday, Sprock lawyer John Rosenberg asked the court to reduce the security of his client from 500,000 to 200,000 euros, while zinkmanis, the prosecutor, sought a detention order.

The other defendants in the case also requested that the security measures they filed be changed, namely, that the entrepreneur Slišāns had asked his ban on leaving the country to be abolished, while Ergens, a former subsidiary of Smrzz, required all the security measures he had taken to be abolished.

Former wife of financier Yoren Rutum also asked the court in Vineta Rituma to cancel the adherence to a real estate, stressing that she was owed after the divorce.

The court has not yet begun to examine the substance of the case, as the defendant and their representatives had previously informed the court that the prosecution did not give the defendant Irish national Timothy Joseph Kelly and defendant Vyacheslav Holm the translated decisions to refer the case to the court and that the translation the subject is not completed. Interferes with advocacy.

In order to ensure the interpretation of all the materials in the case, as well as the presence of all parties to the case, the next hearing in which the case could be considered for his merits will be held in May.

The prosecutor's office handed him this crime to the court at the end of November last year. It was charged with various crimes by Smruz and ten others.

The plague is accused of embezzlement, abuse of authority, money laundering and extortion into an organized group. The public prosecutor's office has so far not commented on the nature of the indictment, but it is known on LETA Native yard and Pelt Properties In the insolvency proceedings, an embezzlement of about 2.6 million euros is charged. In return Trust Komercijalna Banka he was accused of extorting about 1.2m euros in the liquidation process.

Also, in this criminal case negligence was indicted by former insolvent administrator Ilmar Krums. In return, the financier Raitums, who is also involved in other criminal cases, is charged with extortion and money laundering.

The construction contractor, Martinez Krums, is charged with extorting an organized group, but the Slashans entrepreneur – for going to organized groups and laundering proceeds of crime. In return, an Irish citizen and entrepreneur Timothy Joseph Kelly was charged with money laundering.

The case also includes Ajgars Lusis, former secretary of parliament and the Bankruptcy Trustee of the Ministry of Justice, a former Dean Mackin from the District Court in Latgale, Riga, who was once convicted of making an unlawful decision.

He is also accused of being Erzsen, who had previously been employed in "Snipe" and Pelt's property acted in his name as an agent during the insolvency proceedings. Entrepreneur Vyacheslav Holm and his wife's wife, former Ilze Gulbe, the insolvency administrator will come to the court.

Earlier, law enforcement agencies launched criminal proceedings for alleged violations of the company Native yard and Pelt Properties insolvency proceedings and possible irregularities Trust Komercijalna Banka liquidation process. The criminal procedure is now merged in one case.

In mid-January 2018, aired from Latvia De facto said Sprud and Krum threatened to confiscate creditors "Trust Comerbank".

Investigations have shown that "Sprude", "Cream" and four other bankers who were waiting to return the money to the bank, expelled large amounts. According to lawyers, some of the creditors of the bank were informed – in order to recover deposits, there is a need to split. There was a threat. The creditors were told whether the bushes, juniper and others would not be paid, so the creditors' money would be marked as criminals and they would not have seen it, the show said.

In June 2017, the State Police conducted 16 searches with important documents and money withdrawn in the amount of several thousand euros. Several real estate agents, luxury cars and several hundred thousand euros in cash have been arrested.

The destruction was held by the state police in June 2017. The crack was released in February 2018 after the court imposed a half a million euros security on him. This is the biggest security in the history of the Latvian court system and was officially paid by his brother, entrepreneur Kristapas Spras.

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