Sunday , June 13 2021

Switzerland scores five goals in a row, dancing the Belgians; sensational victory of Estonia

REUTERS / Arnd Wiegmann

In a conclusive match against the second division of the UEFA Europa League UEFA Champions League, the defensive defensive 0-2 and unexpectedly beat the bronze conqueror of the world cup from Belgium by 5: 2.

The result was already discovered in the second minute by Torgan Azar, after repeating his previous shot 15 minutes later, which allowed Belgium to double the lead – 2: 0.

However, the Swiss, who inevitably needed a victory in this match, did not let their hands down, and before the half of the time they were not only rebellious but also in the lead. Harry Seferovich scored two goals.

In the second half of the season Niko Elvedi scored 4: 2, but Seferovich ended the game. hat-trick installation of the final result of the match (5: 2) and victory of Switzerland in sub-division 2.

Both Switzerland and Belgium had nine points while Iceland lagged behind the second league.

Meanwhile, in the second substitution match 3 in Austria, Belfast defeated Italy 2-1 with 7 points in second place. Ten-point Bosnia and Herzegovina won the first, Northern Ireland, which remained without points, last place.

In the third league, the Estonian team celebrated a great victory that survived the Greek pressure and welcomed the strongest Greek team of 1: 0. The Estonians had the only goal when the Greeks kicked the ball into the goal.

The success of the last place did not let Estonia leave.

Meanwhile, in the same sub-group 2, Finland won 0-2 win against Hungary's second victory.

Eventually, Belarus won the second round of the fourth league, winning 2-0 over San Marino, which was very convenient on the road.

Four points behind Belarussians lagged behind Luxembourg, which today in the evening chose 1: 1 in Moldova for today's elections.

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