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Small royal twins accidentally drop the toy from the balcony of the Monaco Palace one by one

Princess Gabriel and Prince Jacques will celebrate their fourth birthday on December 10 this year. Both were already in their third year attending the Monaco National Day.

With the royal family, the military demonstrations and the marching orchestra were followed by a joyful crowd. But it seems that the children of this year's festival will be reminded of the time when both balconies of the castle accidentally made their belongings play with them at the time.

Gabriel lost his orange balloon, but the figurehead of Jacob.

After the ceremony in the courtyard of a castle on a cold morning and in the service of the church, the royal family went to the palace's palace, where the monarch and his family greet the people from 1857.

"Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriel are now at the right age," said the People's Celebrity. "They are happy about everything. Now they can take part in the big event. It was obvious that they enjoyed that day."

Princess Charlene was dressed in a checkered jacket from the Akric brand. Princess Carolina's grandson also watched ceremonies from the balcony of the palace.

However, Princess Gabriel paid him the most attention. The princess drew attention to the moment when the balcony passed through the steppes, so that a small truce could see what was happening (and people would see them).

Gabriela was dressed in a red dress. The Princess danced and rocked the music. His house was full of hands and ate biscuits.

Gabriela was entertained with an orange balloon all day, but then at some point she got off her hands and fell into the castle's courtyard. At times when the bubble falls, photographers and operators have recorded images and video clips. The girl looks surprised and worried at the same time.

Brother Jacob did not notice this mission because he was passionate about playing with the figure of his conquered knight. But he failed. With good play, the figure fell on the boy from the hands and fell into a crowd that was gathering in the castle. The prince's shame so excited his mother that she gave her son a embrace for comfort.

Within a short time, the two twins continued to mate with the hand of the people and sent a light kiss.

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