Saturday , October 23 2021

Researchers: A mysterious interstellar asteroid could be created artificially – Space – Science


Astronomers have called this strange space called Oumaamua, and although they have long left our solar system, they are still trying to solve the mysterious asteroid.

For example, here is the fact that astronomers still do not give peace: when Oumumaux left our solar system, it grew faster. This is not unusual, because comets often behave in this way – at lower or higher speeds the gases that emanate from their surface are pulled forward. However, it was later discovered that Oumuamua is not a comet. So who made you move faster?

In a recent study, scientists believe that it could be the Sun. Namely, a group of astronomers at Harvard University estimated that it is very likely that this asteroid is sufficiently wide and thin to serve as a solar sail. Therefore, astronomers have a reasonable suspicion that someone deliberately created them.

Although the concept of Solar Sail is not new, only now scientists have begun to experiment with this concept. Einstein's theory of relativity confirms that light has an impulse that can be used by satellites in a given sail, as well as the use of the sea by the wind.

Can Oumaamua have a sailboat? Harvard researchers believe that this is possible, but it is known that such an asteroid should be very wide and thin (less than a millimeter).

Most likely, the guest of our solar system was not so thin, but it is not clear, because it turned out that its thickness can not be precisely determined.

The study also examines the possibility that this asteroid was artificially created by aliens. True, scientists are quite skeptical about this idea.

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