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Recommended pharmacist: Five healthful and delicious hot drinks

When the time behind the window becomes colder, the hand extends to the hot drink. However, in order to strengthen the health in autumn and winter, I want to find a drink that is not only tasty but also valuable to the body – what are the qualities of the current drink from a different cool season, a pharmacist Layla Zali, certified pharmacy network "Apothecary".

"Hot drinks are a great way for warm and natural absorption of vitamins, strengthening immunity, protecting the body from inflammation, improving the structure of the body, and even reducing appetite. The recommended daily dose is about 2 to 4 cups. drinking more than a liter of hot drink a day – although they have a positive effect on the body's performance, it should be remembered that hot drinks contain sweeteners, such as honey, which is essentially sugar and should be taken in a controlled quantity daily, "says pharmacist.

Citron water

Hot water, lemon and honey are one of the most popular cold drinks, not for nothing. Using lemonade with honey on a daily basis, it will protect itself against infectious diseases, improve metabolism and help to remove toxins. Lemon also contains vitamin C, which strengthens body immunity as well as active substances that help to excrete bile and thus promote liver function. In turn, honey has antibacterial properties, which reduces the risk of viruses.

Ginger with cinnamon

Lemon juice with honey, adding ginger and cinnamon, a warm drink gives you new tastes and properties to improve your health. Ginger provides an additional effect of warming, helps to reduce cough because it can relax the muscles of the airway, but the cymbal helps to regulate the level of sugar and thus alleviate appetite. If a hot drink, which also contains cinnamon, will be drunk in the morning in an empty shower and before bedtime, will stimulate the metabolism and will have a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

Cranberry drink

Hot cranberry or mors is often referred to as "super beverage" made of smoked and boiled cranberries, as well as a little sugar. The drink contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, perfectly fights free radicals, lowers stones in the kidneys, disinfects the urinary tract, prevents bacteria from clinging to their walls, protecting them from unpleasant urine inflammations in cool and turbulent times .

Cydonia drink

The hot drink is made of quinces, which is sprinkled with sugar and creates syrup. Queens are known as Latvian lemons – contain many vitamin C, vitamin B and fiber, which greatly stimulates digestion. This drink is definitely recommended when the "caught" virus appears to be.

Milk with honey

The grandmother's recipe – milk with honey – is still current. Such a drink will be particularly useful during coughing because it softens and soothes the mucous membrane of the throat and reduces inflammation of the throat. It is advisable to drink warm milk with honey immediately before going to bed – it calms down and provides a deeper sleep. It should be remembered that milk should not be heated more than 40 degrees Celsius, so that honey will not lose its healing properties.

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