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Problem with learning kindergarten official language is fictional / Day

According to him, whatever the government's "nuances" are, it does not change its habits.

'Daily routine' repeated mantra of 'everything is fine' faces lack of funding for doctors and teachers' salaries, creates' imaginative problem '- language problems in kindergartens, national associations say All about Latvia – Homeland and Freedom / LNNK (AN) The proposed amendment to the Education Act, which requires municipalities to provide state language education in each municipal preschool, was commented by the city council president.

Elkins is also unhappy that other political forces, according to him, are ready to "run the national field", forgetting the salaries of doctors and teachers and lunches offered to students.

"It is understandable because it is much easier to bother for one and a half years than to explain the reasons why doctors were promised 120m euros before the government was created, but once they became government they could not 'collect' more than the same 50 million, "Elkins said.

He said there were no problems with the teaching of Latvian in the Daugavpils kindergarten, which was confirmed by the results of the student examinations. Almost all children whose parents choose Latvian language teaching groups have been provided with preschools and are currently waiting for only 11 children, a record low. In addition, bilingual groups are the most popular in the city.

Elksnic said he is calling on his "political friends" to solve other problems by asking for money for doctors, teachers and children's lunches while guarding the kindergarten.

As reported, the National Association has drafted a law requiring municipalities to provide state language education in every municipal preschool, including minorities in kindergartens, if the child's parents so request. The coalition has agreed to support the submission of these changes to the commission.

The party explained that often the municipality can offer a place near a family home in a minority kindergarten, which does not provide a state language program. So, the Latvian family either has to choose a kindergarten away from home, pay for private school services or agree to send the child to a kindergarten in Russian.

It was also reported that last week the government decided to reallocate 173.9m euros in priority measures for ministries and independent institutions in the 2020 budget. An additional 50m euros have been diverted to health sector priority activities, instead of the promised 120m euros.

Similarly, the government has decided that from the new year, lunch costs for Grade 1-4 students will be covered by both the state and municipal budgets, ie the state and municipalities will split lunch costs proportionally. Currently, they are fully paid by the state.

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