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Prevent Quorum in the voting for the leadership of the court in Riga orphan / Article / LSM.LV

A meeting of the City Council in Riga on Wednesday, November 21, was supposed to replace the orphan's president in Riga, Aivar Krasnogolovs and his deputy, Inizi Ērgli, without surprises. Shortly before the end of the session, members of the opposition rejected the quorum needed for voting. This means that within a few weeks the Syro's court will be able to work without a capable president.

Riga's yard president, Ajvars Krasnogolovs and his deputy, Ines Erge, will complete two and a half weeks. By law, the administration of the new Orphanage Court was to be chosen, but due to different circumstances this did not happen.

The issue of the re-election of the orphan's administration has been postponed several times. On Wednesday, a little over two hours, the issue of re-election of the orphan administration was moved to the end of the council session, and a ten-minute interruption was announced, after which there was no quorum for voting.

Recalling that there are no seats in the room, the ballots were brought out by members of the opposition.

"We use the instruments we have, showing our attitude and our position on this issue," explains Vilnis Kirsis ("Unity"), a member of the opposition Soviet Council.

The Riga Mayor, Nils Ushakov ("Harmony"), said: "If we vote for enough important things and opinions differ, quorum of the enthusiasm, because there are not two MPs, this is not true."

The main objection of the opposition is to hold a contest for this post.

"The Children's Rights Protection Inspector found enough serious injuries and imperfections in his opinion that the municipality will not automatically move for re-election, but will organize a competition in this case," said Jurgis Klotinish (National Unions), a member of the City Council in Riga.

As a result, the court in Riga, the orphan, will have leadership for some time without real power, since the next city council will meet next month.

"My mandate expires on December 10th, which means that after that date I will not be able to make any decisions or to manage the orphanage," Krasnogolov said.

This will be done by appointing an executor.


On November 6, after several unsuccessful attempts, the city council in Riga approved the candidacy of the president of the court in Riga orphan and his deputy for the third term in office.

The Riga Orchestra's court is the largest in Latvia and should be a model for other Syrian courts. The management of the orphanage court, Aivars Krasnogolov and his vice-president, Ines Ergl, were re-elected from the summer. Initially, the Dome Committee did not respect all the requests for the orphan's reorganization as provided for by law, but was subsequently criticized by the State Inspectorate for the Rights of the Child, which oversees the work of an orphan's court.

An orphanage Ajvars Krasnogalov has been responsible since 2008. The council can vote on its re-election on November 19.

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