Monday , June 14 2021

Over the next hundred years, we expect a highly professional army / Article / LSM.LV

Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis said on Sunday, November 18, that the next hundred years of Latvia are expected with highly professional and modernized military forces on the military parade of Independence Day.

The President reminded that in the fight for freedom, the state protected both large and small. Student archery fought in Cēsis – they were children who left school to fight for Latvia, said Vejonis.

"Latvian soldiers brought our flag with the victories in Liberty Battles from Liepaja and Cēsis, and people in the fight against Bermont defended it high above Riga." During this time, our students became bigger and smaller. "Latvian students were among the first to enter Latvia to defend themselves, creating a separate branch, student jewelery and accompanying them forever in our memories – children of students from the Cesis Regiment, children who went to the school promise of the struggle for Latvia, donated your dreams and your life for the future of Latvia, and we could experience their dreams today, "said Vejonis.

"In a hundred years, the national flag flutters proudly in the Holy Spirit tower at the castle of Riga, to tell the world that Latvia is free and independent, we have experienced that the independence of the state can quickly be lost, but it is difficult to regain it, we commemorate all those who They brought life to Latvia, the soldiers are ready to protect their country and nation, all are ready to defend the country and serve people, "said Vejonis.

The president stressed that the armed forces had significantly improved their defense capabilities, modernized their equipment and prepared a new generation of officers. In turn, more and more Latvian citizens decide to join the National Guard to serve the country.

"This indicates the highest prestige of the National Guard and the willingness of people to take responsibility for the future of their relatives and their homeland. In Latvia, the young generation of patritou is the youngest who has the knowledge and skills to protect Latvia," said the president.

Vejonis also thanked every soldier, young guard, fireman, rescuer, border guard and policeman who is guarding Latvia, testifying to trust in his homeland and people. The president also thanked every nation whose soldiers stand on our shoulders. "I thank all parents and grandparents, we all have the responsibility to protect Latvia for free, we will fulfill our obligations in the best conscience," said the president.

1700 soldiers, guards, policemen, border guards, firemen and guards, jet airplanes, tanks, self-propelled hubs and the American Patriot missile system will take part in a military parade dedicated to the centennial of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia.

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