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Linda Lin "Tidendis" seeks a relative of her soul – Celebrities – – Fun

The website of Linda Lin "Tinder" can be found under the nickname Sofia (Sofia). She writes about her: "Photographer, gourmet, traveler, I love beauty in all its forms – nature, art, design, sound, different cultures, people, relationships, models for photography, like-minded people and who to laugh with."

Although initially it seems to be a false profile of Linda Lehen, the word Sofia is by no means chosen by chance.

In an interview with the singer, Ieva once admitted that she loves this word. "It was the thought of calling me Annie, but I do not feel like Ance! My heart, Linda, really did not pass, but I accept it.

I would like to be Sofia. The translation of this word from Greek is wisdom, wisdom.

So I have the value: to know and to know what is happening with the world and for you. "

As we know, the stylist Indra Salcheva with her beloved man Barista Caspar Berzins has introduced the Internet. Also, the singer Don was once seen on the Tider's introduction page.

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