Sunday , April 11 2021

In the universe there are toxic and potentially dangerous fungi – space – science

To find out, astronomers conducted a study published in the scientific journal Astrobiology. Everything is known for mycotoxins or toxins from fungi in space.

It is known that many different microscopic organisms, such as bacteria and single-celled fungi, live on the Earth. It is therefore no surprise that these human organisms come to the International Space Station and the spacecraft through the human being.

While scientists have thoroughly studied bacteria in the universe, relatively little attention is paid to fungi. In part because the health problems of these fungi are usually caused only by people with very weak immune systems.

The court, since the space that is staying can detect astronauts to emphasize and weaken their immune system, scientists have finally decided to focus on how these fungi can affect the health of astronauts.

Researching scientific literature, the scientists found only information related to other types of mushrooms.

"We did not find almost anything about mycotoxins," said one of the authors of the study, Sarah de Saigera.

Researchers say that space research agencies should devote much more time and resources to exploring mushrooms found in space stations and ships.

True, the presence of mycotoxins does not immediately mean that the health of the astronaut is in jeopardy. On the ground, people are often exposed to the effects of this type of microorganism, but if the immune system is not weakened, nothing can happen to human health.

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