Thursday , October 21 2021

Important! Everything you need to know about traffic restrictions this week in Riga – Riga


The Department of the Riga Movement informs that due to the centenary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, from November 17, 17.00 to 19 November, at 9.00, entry on November 11 will be closed.

Drivers from today will be informed about the upcoming traffic restrictions with information boards in nine locations, seven streets in front of the closed embankment on November 11.

Also during the festival of light "Staro Riga" street traffic will be limited to the streets of the city center. From November 14 at 20.00 – 20 November at 9.00 will be closed for traffic on the street Zirgu, from the street Meistar to the Dome Square and two-way traffic is organized at Doma Square.

On November 16 at 8 am to noon, the traffic on the city channel will be closed at 13.00.

November 16, November 18 and November 19 from 17:00 to noon 23:00 and November 17 from 20:00 to noon 23:00 It will be forbidden to stop and stand on Pils Square in front of the Castle Square 2. Also from November 14 from. 20.00-20 November at 9.00 is forbidden to stop and stop vehicles, except vehicles with issued permits for parking on the street Zirgu, on the 30-meter section on the right side of street Tirgoņu, from street Šķūņu to street Krāmu.

On November 16 at 8 am to noon, the traffic on the city channel will be closed at 13.00.

Please be advised that from November 16, the use of other audio amplifiers without additional functions will be prohibited. From 17.00 to 19 November at 23.00 at the Doma Square, the Herder Square, the Vērmanes Garden and the square around the church of St. Piotr and other places of the event "Staro Rīga".

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