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Harmful lung cancer – which indicates this and how to reduce the risk of disease


High temperature, shortness of breath, weakness, cough – symptoms that develop very quickly at the very beginning are characteristic of lung cancer. Similarly, an acute illness is also indicated by the fact that at home they do not go on for several days, but pneumonia, which is not under-treated, can lead to death. Ieva Zvagule, a pharmacist at Euroapteka, explains why a long-lasting cough should be taken very seriously and how to avoid dangerous pneumonia.

"Coughing, chills, high temperatures up to 40 degrees, headaches and chest pains that get worse during deeper breaths – these symptoms, which do not disappear within a few days, may indicate that the apparent cold is actually a pulmonary caudal and is not sufficient for in the case of regular cough syrups In the case of lung cancer it is necessary to seek medical help, because the only way to cure these diseases is to have antibiotics .. Of course, there are some cases in which a person with strong immune may not have symptoms, the disease progresses easier and the body can cope, but you can not rely on it – warns Ieva Zvagule, adding – if the disease is not held responsible, its consequences can be fatal, especially for young children, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

Not only the lungs should be grown

In autumn, when it is cold and wet, it activates various viruses, causing diseases of the upper respiratory tract and lungs more often than in other seasons. Lung cancer is often a complication of colds, bronchitis or other diseases, mainly due to pneumococci – bacteria that are constantly found on the mucosa of the airways. Although most people experience colds without complications, they should not be treated lightly.

Pneumonia is one of the most common diseases afflicted by people of all ages. The lung carcinogen is also home to a healthy microflora, but under favorable conditions, it rapidly breaks down and causes pneumonia. "With every breath in the human body is released a large number of microorganisms, inflammation occurs when one of the respiratory protective devices is not working properly or the number of microorganisms is too high in this case, but the immune system is too weak to fight them," explains pharmacists. Such outbreaks of microorganisms also include untreated teeth, tonsils, nasal sinuses and other inflammatory sources. A special group of risk are smokers whose lungs are already forced to withstand a high load. That's why pharmacists are reminded to care for their health at all times. Cough syrup will not help cure stubborn tonsils, which in turn may lead to further inflammatory processes in the body.

What can and should not be done with a pulmonary caress

The most common symptom of lung cancer is coughing, but it is not always the case. Similarly in the case of lung cancer, it is likely that the body temperature will increase from 37.5 to 40, and even more degrees. If it's a normal virus, the temperature will drop or at least drop in four to five days. If this does not happen, you should definitely seek medical help. Your doctor will prescribe x-rays and blood tests to determine the C-reactive protein, which is usually a sign of bacterial inflammation, and will apply antibiotic therapy.

But there are also things that can be done at home to speed up the operation. Pneumonia is a disease that needs to be resumed but not necessarily in a hospital. If a person feels normal and the temperature is not too high, you can stay at home. In any case, it is advisable to walk around the house from time to time, because the lungs are less well ventilated in a lying position. The lungs can be ventilated, for example when blowing balloons, help get rid of sputum and not catch, but it's best to do it when the person is a little better. Breathing exercises can be performed several times in a row by inhaling and exhaling. Also, remember to use a lot of liquid to remove as much as possible from the body, all the excess – normal water and herbal tea, cranberry jam and other natural substances that we usually use when we are cold, will work.

However, under no circumstances can heating of inflammable areas be made. In the case of lung shoots, you should forget about mustard patties, because heating can contribute to the formation of scabs.

You better not get sick

In order not to grow cold, it is very important to strengthen immunity in a timely manner, using a full diet rich in vitamins and natural immune enhancers, such as cranberry, garlic and other valuable natural wealth. If necessary, you can enrich your diet with a complex of vitamins, various vitamins and dietary supplements with increased immunity can be bought in pharmacies. Make sure you have lots of fluids – this is important not only during summer heat, but also regular meals, regular physical activity and a lot of fresh air.

Ieva Zvagule remembers: "It is worth remembering the good old truths – it is not recommended that during viruses stay in public places and participate in mass events, but it is desirable to regularly ventilate rooms, wear appropriate weather conditions and wash hands. However, if you fall ill, it is better to stay home for a few days and regain health than to act as a hero, cough and sneeze to go to school or work, become complicated and meet others.

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