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Gintz Smukkas to win third place at US / Day acoustic guitar competition

In both competitions, Gintz Smukkas performed four original tracks from his forthcoming second studio album. One of the compositions with which Gintz was highly esteemed Valley of nuts The match was immediately filmed in an American studio Fretmonkey records. Gintz only reveals: “Composition Blue secrets it's a musical love story. "

For the second time, Gintes competed in the world's largest acoustic finger game, facing fierce competition from more than 400 participants and won 3rd place as a reservist. The Acoustic Guitar Fingers Contest has 40 seats, filled with competitors who have won 1st place in international competitions in America, China and other countries. If participants have not received such an international rating, you may apply for a "reservation bench". Gintes was the first in the squad this year to take part in such a big competition.

Upon returning to Latvia, guitarist Gintz Smukai shares his impressions of the experience Valley of nuts on the festival: "I feel honored. 3rd place in such a big competition is a pleasant surprise for me. Especially since I only performed with my original compositions. However, not only the best experience is participating in the competition, but also the time spent between the competitions as well. a lot of my idols. I felt surreal because the time I spent with idols was like meeting up with longtime friends with music. Some of my idols also (Andy Mackey, Antoine Duffor) started their careers in this competition. "

Taking part in the competition, Gintz successfully secured a spot at the world's largest music export exhibition 2020 Winter Nam Show. He tells of his future plans: “I am very pleased if even a small group of the world learns about Latvia by listening to my music. Participating in such matches in my career can mean a lot, I may not have fully understood the doors that opened. Today, the priority is not only to prepare for the exhibition, but also to work on their second original album, due out in the spring of 2020. “

Gintz Smukkis also participated in the International Festival of Fingers on his Acoustic Guitar during his US trip (Fingerstyle Collective Festival)that happened from September 13 to 18 in Arkansas. He also won 3rd place. The competition brought together guitarists from around the world. The guitar elite also attended the event: Alexander Marko, Muriel Anderson, Kaki King, Don Ross, Antoine Duffur etc. One of the promotional videos for this year's festival was the cover of Gint's album It blooms.

Gint's first contact with the guitar was at the end of 2008. In 2011 he began studying composition and percussion in the style of fingers. Since then he has performed regularly at concerts, both with his own music and in collaboration with Latvian musicians (Jānis Ašpurs, Jursnis Stībelis, MUSIC, Anya Putina, Latvian voices, Christina Prulisha, Olga Raecka, Choir Mask, etc.) In both academic and popular music environments.

Composition Blue secrets video:

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