Friday , October 22 2021

"Gavrilov previously offered the position of the director of the football school" – Football –


"We have 100% information that Gawriłow proposed the school head to one of the Latgale residents, but he refused, we have very good relations with him," Isakov told that Gavrilov is still close to football at Daugavpils.

"The first day of work of Aleksandra Vlasova as the director was on Monday and at eight o'clock Aleksander Jakubow sat in his office, advised on all matters, Jakubowski spent five years in prison and should not be in the office. On Friday all the documents from the school were in the office Vlasova, on the day Jakubowski copied them – students, parents, trainers "- he told about Jakubowski Isakow. Earlier in the day BFC "Daugavpils" announced in a public statement that "Jakubovskis proposes" to give away "games to certain people and clubs, that Gawrilow himself would not do it." The Latvian Football Federation has written and oral information from various clubs in the Latgalia region, which Jakubowski called them to be interested in losing, practically every day sitting with Gawriłow in a café and three hours in a speech. "Daugavpils is a small city Everyone knows everything."

According to, Gavrilov saw a football match between LDz Cargo / DFA and Beitar this year, as well as the UEFA Champions League qualifying match between Maruampol "Sudeh" and "Crven Zvezda" Belgrade, as well as in the international struggle after receiving the student's request Daugavpils football school.

"I saw Gavrilov once in our match against Tukums, and he stood 15 minutes in the corner of the stadium, watched the match, then left, we have free entry, everyone can come to the stadium," says Isakov that they had no idea to push Gavrilov away. "One of the games" LDz Cargo "/ DFA in the club Jakubowsky & # 39; ego on the football field was also a suspect, the team of opponents approached the judge and said:" The house gives us a game. "

Meanwhile, Eigim, who was on vacation this week, did not comment on his possible relationship with Gavrilov, but revealed the reasons for Mackevich's disruption.

"It is worth explaining the motives of my decision, it is worth explaining the reasons for my decision, firstly N. Mackevich was suspended (until January 8, 2019) (Not released!). No one objects to him with accusations, has the opportunity to submit documents and explanations in all matters within the prescribed period and is still working in his office, "writes Eigums. "But I could not look at the situation where, for example, the coach of our Football School, and at the same time the UEFA inspector Andrejs Sipailo worked in two places at the same time in accordance with the working time tables. I have a table, according to which on the day Sipailo at 17 : 00 attended. He also worked seven hours at the Daugavpils football school in Malta (an island 3.5 thousand km from Latvia). Would you say that it is physically possible, but they receive a salary from the budget. "

"I was asking for Mackevič's explanations about this, ask for the correct form, letting him prepare properly, not allowing him to leave without responsibility, but the agitation is again raised by politicians who are ready to defend our" football "trio (N. Mackevich, And Sipailo and A. Isakova, despite nothing, "says Eigim.

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