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Exhibition "Only in Time. Design Stories for Latvia" / Article / LSM.LV

Exhibition "Just in Time, Design Stories for Latvia" covers the past 100 years, the introduction of a sensation of the beauty of Latvian artists, combined with functional solutions and consumer hobby based on the aesthetic environment. The research work in preparation for the exhibition lasted for three years. However, the exhibition is not a chronological story, but the essence of the centenary design.

"Of course, the first is a free country of Latvia, at that time we still did not know the word" design ", but it was a design, which was spoken by such Latvian patriots as Ansis Cirulis, Julius Madernieks, Jecbas Bine, Romans Sutta, we have joined these authors, we see that a stylistic exceptionally unified mood has been formed, "said Ines Baranovska, head of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.

In addition, archival photographs show how these works that at the time were not called design objects, looked at human habitats.

"The second story is about how we represent our country, because through the design the country is represented. The artist, with his visual language, served all ideologies," says Baranovska.

Posters for drinking milk, now called ads, show that design is also an essential component of economic stimulation.

"Another interesting accent on our exhibition is innovation, and this is the modern project of Yannis Krievs in the late 1970s in honor of the Olympic Games in Moscow, when it is assumed that some of the guests will travel through Riga and therefore an ambitious modernization of the train station, "says the head of the museum.

Exhibitions from the WEF History Museum and the collection of Motomursia are presented at the exhibition of the aircraft building. But in the design hall of the Museum of Design, once the church of Sts. Jura, the altar part of the designers was appointed to improve the comfort of society. Chocolate packs, domestic companion – vacuum cleaner, as well as small wretch – motorcycle. In 1969, Gunars Gludini created the diploma paper, graduating from the Industrial Polytechnic in Riga.

"We do not create a chronological story, but such bright points, when the design was right in time, was important and said something more than our Latvian people, the sense of wisdom, courage, beauty and more," says Baranovska.

The most recently designed cabins play an important role in recycling. Flower vessels of thickness of coffee, beeswax and cotton fabric, which in the warm hands will complete the shape of the building, cardboard furniture and other natural elements.

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