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Everything started with Grandpa's party … "Rahu the Fool" started debut album / Article / LSM.LV

The Amazonish Latvian group "Rahu the Fool", which calls itself "Cow Blood Association," is reviving its game in the 20th and 50th centuries of the last century. years. Her birth took place after the birthday party of the grandfather of the party, which is still not finished – on November 24, the band will open the debut album at Menzendorf's house.

Also, this ball will be solid: after the performance of Rahu the Fool, live music will not stop and will be downplayed with singer, steppe and Ukrainian dances, poker, feet and chess tournaments and hand races lasting up to three nights.

Photo: Concert public photography

The group's double talk is the result of a two-year intense creative work. Each of the discs contains 14 parts: one is Latvian folk and popular songs, and the other is music that is characteristic of the Mississippi region. This album is a miracle with wonderful music stories about grandfather jokes, wars, love and peace.

"It's really a great role for my grandfather, who is ninety-three, to play the birth of the group," says Peter Narubin, cordially speaking, as he himself says – while living in one of the joys.

He also reveals that the group's first unofficial event was held on the grandfather's anniversary. "The idea of ​​messengers, traditional music and the cavemen of the Lavinieki brothers came right there. We realized that we can do more – not just for his grandfather.

The album is a show of honor and dignity for our older generation.

Yes, music, of course, is old fashioned, but it is built with great gratitude for what they put into themselves. "

"Peter just said we made our grandfather's party, but in fact, every one of us wanted to do something," added colleagues Joseph Ponnikes, whose grandfather unfortunately forever forever. The dancer says the album will be very special: "It will be like an old photo album – there are pictures of our parents and grandparents from the villages, weddings and other situations, and among us – our group photography." We especially went to Rezekne to do photography – Andrias Uskman still has a big old camera … "

Photo by Andris Ushkans

"Then and then I wondered why people look like zombies on old paintings," says Peter Narubin. "Why do people look white as they can be seen on the cover of the album? I've learned two versions: first of all, most of us have dark eyes in the group, but for me – the easiest, light blue, the picture looks like a vampire – just a puppy , and the rest is lit. "

The second version, as discovered by Peter Narubin, is that sometimes an eye image is simply scratched because the model closed the eyelids: "The exposure time with the old device is so long that it must crash in a few minutes – it should not breathe … "

Also, the instrumental for the group is special – a dozen sopranksaxon, which in this version sounds like a clarinet; Tassi and the scoreboard of Joseph Ponik's old mother are also useful, but the guitar, in which Peter Narubin falls in love with the first sound, is unusually loud, which is also used in old dicksylands.

Evergreen? Their boys recommended Grandpa Narobin by Peter the Great. They are also searched online, or belong to another group of players.

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