Friday , October 22 2021

Electric motorcycle also Russian Ural (+ FOTO) –


The Russian motorcycle manufacturer, Ural, does not intend to lag behind the global trends and has created a prototype of its electric motorcycle model, developed by Zero Motorcycles and ICG.

The electric motorcycle is based on the Ural model based on CT, electric motors, batteries and electronic components used by Zero Motorcycles, while the California ICG was responsible for designing and developing the first concept.

The environmentally friendly Ural motorcycle is equipped with a Z-Force 45-kilowatts electric motor (61 Zs, 110 Nm) and a 19.5-kilowatt-hour battery that can provide a running distance of about 165 km. A prototype built-in charger that allows you to download electricity from the mains and charge up to 95% for 13 hours.

Ural claims that an electric motorcycle speeds up very quickly, but does not disclose accurate data. It is known that the prototype has a top speed of 140 km / h, but recommended by the manufacturer – 105 km / h.

The Ural electric motorcycle will be available for review at the Progressive Motorcycle Show in the United States, Long Beach, from November 16 to November 18. The manufacturer emphasizes that the decision on serial production will be made taking into account the potential customer response and interest in the new product of the company.

Let's assume that Zero Motorcycles offers four models of electric motorcycles, but the legendary Harley-Davidson has just presented its first electric motorcycle.

Source and text: iAuto

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