Tuesday , June 22 2021

Dr. art. Aja Braslina to give a lecture at the Liepāja Museum for the work of Yannis Rosenthals

Wednesday, March 13, at 17 in the Museum of Liepaja Kūrmājas Ave. 16/18 will be able to visit the head of the Sector for collection and research of the Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMM). art. Lecture by Aja Braslia about the outstanding Latvian artist Jani Rosenthals (1866 – 1916).

The handover of Aja Braslina will be held on the eve of the artist's 153th birthday. It will complement the classic classical and new acquisitions that have recently returned to circulation from the "shadow gallery" of lost and scattered images.

The lecture will take place at the museum's small exhibition hall, where an exhibition of paintings by Yiannis Rosenthals of Yiannis Rosenthals can be seen from mid-January. From the collection of Kurzeme. "The lecturers will have the unique opportunity to see the images of Yannis Rosenthal from the museums of Kurzeme.

Yannis Rosenthals (1866-1916), a painter called "the first love of the Latvian people", is one of the most significant and influential figures of his age in Latvian culture, public and art life.

Presenting the local 19th-20th century In addition to fine arts and travel to major European centers, the Kuzmanian blacksmaker introduced modern aesthetics in painting, graphics and applied arts and published professional articles on visual art in periodicals. The artistic performance of Rosenthalians is included in the current list of values ​​of the canon of the Latvian culture. Yannis Rosenthals is also internationally recognized and recognized – the 150th anniversary of the artist was celebrated in 2016 by joining the international calendar of UNESCO celebrations.

Aija Brasliņa is an art scientist, head of the LNMA Collection and Scientific Research Department, a depiction of the painting collection (18-20th century) and large exhibitions of the 2016 LNMM "Janis Rozentals (1866-1916). Art and technique" curator.

"(..) The art of Nava does not originate from any sky, which in some way dreams of a genius halo of someone in a dream of a dream. She is a real daughter of a rounded country, laughing at our platonic love affirmations, she seeks concrete evidence for attention. Art is the result of intense effort and profound brain activity, "said Yannis Rosenthals.

Lecture price – tickets to the exhibition of Ian Rosenthals. For adults – 1.5 euros, students, students, pensioners – 1 euro. Children under 7 years – free of charge.

Please be informed that during the lecture, a photo and video recording will be performed. The received materials will be used for the publicity of the event on the pages of the home and the social networks of the Museum in Liepaja.

Exhibition "Yannis Rosenthals. From the collection of Kurzeme" can be seen at the Museum of Liepaja until 17 March.

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