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Big and Small – Romanian Collection of Songs by Ieva Samuuska for Kids «Spring in the Lapsa Cave» / Article /

Children's Publishing House Big & Mali publishes a collection of poems by Ieva Samauska for children in the Spring Laps cave, addressed to the youngest school children. The book is illustrated by artist Lynne Makus.

The songs in the Spring Fox Cave compose a story of two seasons, winter and spring, focusing on the poetic observation of nature. But this time of year, both seasons are capitalized – Winter and Spring, as they are also two-bit, two-way relationships reminiscent of real relationships between kindergarten and school children: competition, shyness, affection, abuse, mutual adventure. Winter, sometimes a failure and role of a "bad girl", tries to make Spring and Lucky an activist by throwing them into a cave of a fox that is experiencing fear and depression, but does not give up and abandon their plans. until he found a way out. But maybe friendship is still possible and Winter longs for it

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Ieva Samauska is the author of many children's favorite songs and short stories. Big and Mal has published three of her books – How to Make Snow (2006), Charlene, Nose (2016) and The Adventures of a Pitcher (2018). Ieva Samauska has been nominated several times for the Janice Baltwilks Prize for Children's Literature and the Latvian Prize for Literature, and in 2015 received the Pastarina Award.

The expressive illustrations of artist Lynne Makus, who creatively use medieval asteroid characters in the main characters, depict the conflicting emotions of children and the way to understanding world harmony. She holds a Masters Degree from the Latvian Academy of Arts, Department of Sculpture, creates installations, works in animation and illustrates books.

Photo: Image of publicity

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