Saturday , October 23 2021

Bertan and Pacechnik are shooting in team defeats in Euroleague / Diena matches


The Milan team AX Armani Exchange Olimpia with the result of 85:90 (21:16, 20:24, 25:23, 19:27) lost three sets of victories in the Moscow Cossack club in Bertana.

Bertan started the match in the top five, spending 31 minutes and 23 seconds on the pitch, throwing three of three goals at a distance, one of two two-point throws and one of two penalty kicks.

He also won two rebounds, made one result, broke two bombs, broke the rules once and made four notes, giving 13 points of effectiveness.

The team with 24 points in the Milan team was Sergeant Vladimir Mickov, and 16 points were left by Lithuanian Artur Gudaitis and American Mike James, who also had 12 assists.

Meanwhile, American guests Cori Higgs scored 23 points, but the Frenchman Nando de Kolo scored 18 points.

The Latvian basketball court Herbalife, Oļeg Latišev, played in the 90:94 hall (25:24, 27:26, 21:20, 17:24) at the Turkish Anadolu Efes club in Istanbul.

Pacechnik spent 20 minutes and 15 seconds in the duel in the area, throwing all four two-point shots and two penalty kicks, but missed the only throw.

He also won one ball, made three mistakes, blocked one shot, broke the rules four times and provoked three notes, with seven points of efficiency.

Herad's greatest scorer with 19 points was the American Derry Strobery, but Euliss Baess scored 14 points.

Meanwhile Croatia scored 18 points for Krunoslav Simona, 17 points for Serbs Vasiliy Micičam, while Armenian naturalist Bryant Danceon came out with 12 points and 11 rebounds.

On the other hand, Janis Peiner scored seven points on Thursday, but his Turkish team, "Darishfaha Tekfen", will score a goal with the German champion Munich Bayern with the score 70: 116 (17:21, 18:33, 15:33, 20:29 ).

Peieners made one of two long distance throws and all four penalty kicks in 19 minutes and 49 seconds, but lost two two-point shots.

He also had four rebounds in this match, one result, two provocative rules and nine points of efficiency.

The best scorer in the team in Istanbul with 20 points and nine rebounds was American Jeremy Evans.

American Devin Bucker scored 18 points for the winners, and Somers Peter Kopenen and Nihad Jedovich scored 16 points.

Meanwhile, the champions of the Madrid Real Madrid season, who will win 87:66 (18:15, 23: 8, 25:21, 21:22), defeated Telco & # 39; s Maccabi FOX without any losses.

In the Spanish club, Serxio Lil had 17 points, 16 points is American Jason Carroll, but with 12 points and 12 rapes, the Mexican Gustavo Ajun left.

Johnny O & # 39; Brien, an American player, threw 17 points in an Israeli unit.

On Friday, Janis Streljnieks and Janis Timmas will visit the Athenian Panathinaikos OPAP in Piraeus Olympiakos, Grand Duke of Derby, while Barcelona Lassa, represented by Ronald Schmit, will fight against basketball players from the Moscow Oblast.

Six goals in six games won the Moscow CSKA and Real in six wins, and Milan Armani Exchange Olimpia has the fourth in six games. Meanwhile, the teams Lassa and Olympiacos have won five games in three games, giving them seventh and eighth place.

Gran Canaria Herbalife and Dariush Fakka Tekfen in Istanbul won one by winning six dances, taking 14th and 15th place in the competition of 16 units.

ULEB Eiroliga this season, like in previous seasons, plays 16 teams that will lead two rounds of tournaments, the best eight in qualifying.

In the previous season ULEB Euroleague champions were Real Madrid from Spain, who won the Turkish football team Fenerbahce Doguš in the final 85:80, and the third place was won by the Lithuanian grandson of basketball Kaunas "Žalgiris".

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